Sandia / Energy Market Authority (EMA) Technical Workshop

The Challenge of Interconnection Renewable Energy Resources as Baseload

Sandia National Laboratories collaborated with the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to provide technical guidance to inform Singapore electricity power industry stakeholders, the research and development community, and decision makers on critical elements of establishing an energy storage system (ESS) test bed. Information shared included:

  • Recent and evolving ESS Research & Development and Deployment (RD&D) trends
  • Applicable technical standards, guidelines, and regulatory framework for ESS deployment
  • Potential RD&D focus areas specific to an ESS test bed in Singapore:
    • Safety
    • Certification
    • Market Structure
    • Grid-tied and independent systems

The Sandia / Energy Market Authority (EMA) Technical Workshop was held August 3-5, 2015. Most presentations and posters are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Monday, August 3

SNL/Energy Storage Program: An OverviewStan AtcittySandia National Laboratories
Electrical Energy Storage Projects, Applications & Research Challenges for Grid Support: Description of Recent SNL ProjectsDan BorneoSandia National Laboratories
ES Demonstration and Analysis: ESS in Grid-Level SettingBen SchenkmanSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Use Cases: Expanded Examples & ExplanationsBen SchenkmanSandia National Laboratories

Tuesday, August 4

Energy Storage Test Bed Design IssuesDavid Rosewater and Ben SchenkmanSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage: Policies, Market Opportunities, Challenges, and GapsJacquelynne HernándezSandia National Laboratories
Testing and Validation: Grid-Level ESS SystemsDavid RosewaterSandia National Laboratories
Protocols and Procedures for Grid-Level ESSDavid Rosewater (for David Schoenwald)Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage System Safety – Codes and StandardsDavid RosewaterSandia National Laboratories