EESAT 2013 Conference

The 2013 Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) conference was held October 21-23 at the San Diego Marriot Marquis and Marina in San Diego, CA.

Available abstracts may be downloaded from the links within the agenda below.

Monday October 21, 2013


Opening RemarksImre GyukUS Department of Energy
Welcoming RemarksBrad RobertsExec. Director, Energy Storage Association
Keynote SpeakerJon WellinghoffFERC Chairman

Session 1: Markets, Policy, and Economics I — Building Blocks to Resilience

Valuation of Energy Storage – Quantification and Ongoing Policy ChallengesPaul DenholmNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Pricing Energy Storage for a Balanced Market PenetrationAli NouraiDNV KEMA
The Role of Local Energy Markets as a Means to Increase the Participation of Electricity StorageAnthony PriceSwanbarton Ltd.

Session 2: Storage Pathways

From Concept to Commercialization – China as a Design and Engineering Base for Low-Cost Flow Battery ProductsRobert ParrySmart Energy Holdings Ltd.
Update on the Aqueous Hybrid Ion Battery: A Large Format Stationary Energy Storage DeviceJay WhitacreAquion Energy
High Performance Flowing Electrolyte Battery for Grid-scale Energy StorageJonathan HallPrimus Power

Session 3: Energy Storage — A Key to a Resilient Grid

The Energetic Implications of Curtailing or Storing Wind and Solar Generated ElectricityCharles BarnhartStanford University
Advances in Energy Storage Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment in CaliforniaAvtar BiningCalifornia Energy Commission
Solar PV and Storage Combine to Provide Cost Effective Energy, Resiliency, and Security for Critical LoadsJohn BryanCoda Energy
Model Predictive Control Application in PV and Storage SystemWesley GreenwoodUniversity of New Mexico
A Second Life for Used MINI E Battery Packs in an Electrical Energy Storage SystemTom GageEV Grid, Inc.
KEMEA: A Game-Changing BatteryMario GottfriedDynacycle, S.A. de C.V.
A Modular, Thermally Closed, Adsorption-Enhanced, Compressed Air Energy Storage SystemTimothy HavelEnergy Compression, Inc.
RedFlow ZBM USA Operational ExperienceSteven HickeyRedFlow LLC
Contained Vacuum Energy StorageSamuel Kellyretired
Optimizing Energy Storage to Mitigate Variability of Renewable Energy and Improve Resiliency of the ElectricityMohammad ShadmandTexas A&M University
Reconfigurable Solar Converter (RSC): Single-Stage Power Conversion PV/Battery SystemBabak ParkhidehUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Energy Dispatch Schedule Optimization for Demand Charge Reduction using a Photovoltaic-Battery Storage System with Solar ForecastingRyan HannaUniversity of California, San Diego
Baseload Power from Wind Farms using Magnesium Hydride Slurry for Hydrogen StorageAndrew McClaineSafe Hydrogen, LLC
Status and Opportunities for Breakthrough Redox Flow Battery SystemsRonald MossoEnerVault Corporation
Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage and Photovoltaic Power Systems for Demand Charge MitigationJeremy NeubauerNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
The CellCube Vanadium Redox Flow Battery – A Critical Role in Grid ResiliencyBill RadvakAmerican Vanadium
Controls Framework for Grid StorageSatish RajagopalanElectric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Session 4: EES Demonstrations & Field Testing — Illustrating the Possibility of Resilience

Ultracapacitor Solar Smoothing for Grid StabilityR. Shaw LyndsMaxwell Technologies
Use of a Fast Response Battery System for Frequency RegulationRichard RocheleauUniversity of Hawaii
Demonstrations of Modular Energy Storage in the Northwest with Considerations of Resilience Improvements of Power SupplyMichael Kintner-MeyerPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Forward Operating Base Microgrid, Evaluation, and Testing of Energy Storage SystemsDavid RoseSandia National Laboratories
Ambri’s First Deployment: Electricity Storage at the Massachusetts Military ReservationMichael KearneyAmbri, Inc.

Session 5: Grid and Micro-Grid Applications — Landmarks on the Path to Resilience

The Next Application for Energy Storage Resources on the GridBill CappGrid Storage Consulting
Dispatchable Hydro-ElectricityJohn BankaThe Hydro-Gen Group
Combining Large-Scale Pumped Hydro Storage and Wind for 1200 Megawatts of 100% Renewable, High-Capacity Factor, Fully-Dispatchable Electric Generation in the Upper MidwestRobert SchulteSchulte Associates LLC
Energy Storage Monitoring and Control for a MicrogridChuck WellsOSIsoft, LLC

Session 6: Markets, Policy, and Economics II — Building Blocks to Resilience

Solving the Renewable+Battery Case in a Robust Way: Use of Operational Data and Dedicated Modeling ToolMichael SalomonClean Horizon
The Transmission Planning Process: A Key to Energy Storage’s Use for Transmission Reliability ProjectsCharlie VartanianUniEnergy Technologies
Secret for a Lasting Storage and Grid Marriage? The Right Chemistry!Pramod KulkarniCustomized Energy Solutions
Estimation of Capital and Levelized Cost for Vanadium Redox Flow BatteryVilayanur ViswanathanPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Session 7: Electrochemistry & Materials — Elemental Building Blocks to Resilience

Tailorable Ionic Materials for Higher Energy Density Redox Flow BatteriesTravis AndersonSandia National Laboratories
Characterization of Phase Chemistry in Sol-Gel NaSICONErik SpoerkeSandia National Laboratories
Advances in PNNL’s Mixed Acid Redox Flow Battery StackVincent SprenklePacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 8: Standards: Creating the Backbone for Industry Reliability

Modular Energy Storage ArchitectureDavid Kaplan1Energy Systems, Inc.
Measuring and Expressing the Performance of Energy Storage SystemsDavid ConoverPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Utility Scale Energy Storage and the Need for Flexible Capacity MetricsEric CutterEnergy & Environmental Economics
A Review of Current and In-Progress Standards for Electricity StorageChet SandbergEnerVault

Session 9: Emerging EES Technologies — New Steps Toward Resilience

Isothermal CAES: Fuel-free, Site-flexible Energy Storage for Renewables Integration and T&D Substitution Richard BrodySustainX, Inc.
Innovative Design and Fabrication of High Energy and Power Kinetic Flywheel Energy Storage SystemSung HaHanyang University, South Korea
Power-to-Gas: A Hydrogen Energy Storage SolutionRyan SookhooHydrogenics
Design and Performance Details of UET’s Compact Flow Battery ProductRick WinterUET Technologies
The Evolution of UltraBattery® TechnologyJohn WoodEcoult

Session 10: EES Special Applications — Illustrating the Possibility of Resilience

Second-Life Applications for PEV Battery Systems: Early Testing to Early CommercializationMike FerryCalifornia Center for Sustainable Energy
Approaches to Evaluating and Improving Lithium-Ion Battery SafetyChristopher OrendorffSandia National Laboratories
Utilizing EV/PHEV Batteries for Community Energy Storage System ApplicationsMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory
Advanced Thermal Energy Storage for Direct Load Control in a Low Load Growth – High DG FuturePaul SteffesSteffes Corporation
Stationery Energy Storage System Using Repurposed Electric Vehicle BatteriesRandy WachalManitoba HVDC Research Centre

Session 11: Energy Storage — A Key to a Resilient Grid

SiC JFETS Reduce the Balance of System for Stationary Energy Storage Power Conversion SystemsJohn HostetlerUnited Silicon Carbide, Inc.
Evaluation of SiC Power MOSFET Reliability under DC and AC Gate Bias StressRobert KaplarSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for High Energy Density and High Temperature ApplicationsSeongate KwonTRS Technologies
Compressed Air Energy Storage: Matching the Earth to the Turbo-Machinery — No Small TaskMichael KingThe Hydrodynamics Group, LLC
Fabrication and Characterization of High Temperature Capacitors Using Novel Thermal Spray Processing RoutesEugene FurmanPennsylvania State University
Development of Nonaqueous Redox Flow BatteryWei WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Lessons Learned from a Distributed Energy Storage DemonstrationEd SanchezSacramento Municipal Utility District
No Fuel Compressed Air Energy Storage Plants Applied to Enhancing the Utilization of Renewable Generation ResourcesRobert SchainkerElectric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Nano-Encapsulated Materials for Highly Tunable High Temperature CapacitorsPaul LichtyPneumatiCoat Technologies LLC
Integration of Distributed Solar and Storage to Support Distribution System StabilityDoug StakerDemand Energy Networks
Market Evaluation for Energy Storage in the United StatesFrancie IsraeliDNV-KEMA
Development of a Containerized 200kW NAS Battery UnitTomio TamakoshiNGK Insulators, Ltd.
Breakthrough Energy Storage Using Surge Current Turn-Off Solid State SwitchingJason WaldronSilicon Power Corporation
New Nanoparticulate Membranes and Electrodes for Advancing Rechargeable BatteriesZ. Ryan TianUniversity of Arkansas
Optimal Sizing of Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems Using Historical DemandAnthony VassalloUniversity of Sydney, Australia
Higher Conductivity NASICON Electrolyte for Room Temperature Solid-State Sodium Ion BatteriesEric WachsmanUniversity of Maryland Energy Research Center
Flywheel Energy Storage Emulation Using Reconfigurable Hardware Test-Bed of Power ConvertersJing WangThe University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Hydrogen/Bromine Flow BatteriesAdam WeberLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Printable Grid-Scale Energy Storage Zinc/MnO2 BatteryChun-Hsing WuIndustrial Technology Research Institute
DC-Link Capacitors for Grid-Based Inverter ApplicationsAngelo YializisSigma Technologies Intl.

Session 12: Modeling and Simulation: Understanding the Process Toward Resilience

Four Step Modeling Framework for Energy StorageEric CutterEnergy and Environmental Economics
Optimization of Solar PV Smoothing Algorithms for Reduced Stress on a Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage SystemWesley GreenwoodUniversity of New Mexico
Peak Shaving Control Method for Energy StorageTomas TengnérABB Corporate Research
Survey and Analysis of Energy Storage ToolsColette LamontagneNavigant Consulting, Inc.
The Benefits of Energy Storage Combined with HVDC Transmission Power Modulation for Mitigating Inter-Area OscillationsJason NeelySandia National Laboratories

Session 13: Power Electronics — Vital to Storage Flexibility

Capacitor Development for Reliable High Temperature Operation in Inverter ApplicationsGeoff BrenneckaSandia National Laboratories
Impact Study of Value-Added Functionality on Inverter Reliability in Stationary Energy Storage SystemsEric GreenNorth Carolina State University
Robust Devices and Compact Power Electronics for Next Generation Energy-Storage and Power SystemsSudip MazumderNextWatt, LLC;
University of Illinois
A High Voltage (15 kV) SiC Multi-Chip Power Module (MCPM) for Grid-Tied ApplicationsBrandon PassmoreArkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.

Session 14: Distributed Energy Storage — Reliable, Flexible, and Resilient

A Compact Modular Distributed Energy Storage SystemEdward LiangMCV Energy, Inc.
Energy Storage Can Enable Wider Deployment of Distributed GenerationTroy MillerS&C Electric Co.
Analyzing the Effects of Climate and Thermal Configuration on Community Energy Storage SystemsJeremy NeubauerNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Smart Grid Cloud Platform of Distributed Energy Storage for Frequency Regulation Service to Community Energy Storage ApplicationKenji TaimaPanasonic Corporation

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Session 15: Batteries and Electrochemistry — Building Blocks to Resilience

Development of Sodium-Iodine Battery for Large-Scale Energy StorageSai BhavarajuCeramatec, Inc.
Off Gas Monitoring for Li-Ion Batteries: Implications for Control and Life ExtensionDavion HillDet Norske Veritas, USA, Inc.
Redox Flow Batteries with High Power Density CellsMike PerryUnited Technologies Research Center
Utility Energy Storage Using Large Format LiFePO4 BatteriesPaul ScottTransPower
Prussian Blue Batteries for Long Cycle Life, High Power Stationary Energy StorageColin WessellsAlveo Energy
Photo-Thermally Reduced Graphene: High Performance Li-Ion BatteriesRahul MukherjeeRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Capacitive Performance of Titanium Carbide Based MXenesMaria LukatskayaDrexel University

Session 16: Renewables & Storage — Flexible, Reliable, and Clean

Right-Sizing Energy Storage Systems for Renewables IntegrationRhys FosterA123 Energy Solutions
How Energy Storage Provides Solutions to Renewable Integration ChallengesAlexandra GoodsonABB, Inc.
Demonstration of a Utility-Scale Lithium-Ion Battery System with a Wind TurbineRyan JansenSaskatchewan Research Council
Energy Storage Sizing and Placement on an Islanded Grid with High Penetration of WindMichelle LimUniversity of Colorado-Boulder
Energy Storage for Renewable Integration at the University of California – San DiegoWilliam TorreUniversity of CA-San Diego