2017 DOE OE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2017 Department of Energy (DOE) OE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held October 9-11 at the Westin Gaslamp Hotel, San Diego, CA.

Monday, October 9

Welcome/Opening Session

Facilitator Opening IntroductionsJames GreenbergerNAATBatt
Welcome and DOE/OE Program OverviewImre GyukUS Department of Energy, Office of Electricity
DOE/OE/SNL Program OverviewBabu ChalamalaSandia National Laboratories
DOE/OE/PNNL Program OverviewVince SprenklePacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE/OE/ORNL Program OverviewMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory

Applied Materials I

Na-metal Halide BatteryGuosheng LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Aqueous Soluble Organic Flow BatteriesWei WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-ion BatteryXiaolin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Low-Cost Membranes for High Energy Density Non-Aqueous Redox Flow BatteriesJagjit NandaOak Ridge National Laboratory
Advanced Zinc-Manganese Oxide BatteriesTim LambertSandia National Laboratories
Mechanistic Characterization of Advanced ElectrolytesVijay MurugesanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Pre-Lithiation of Hard Carbon for Na-ionBiwei XiaoPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Investigation and Optimization of Sodium Metal Halide Batteries at Intermediate TemperatureHee-Jung ChangPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Equitable Regulatory Environment/Strategic Outreach

Overview of SNL Analysis and Controls EffortsRay ByrneSandia National Laboratories
MISO AnalysisTu NguyenSandia National Laboratories
Storage Evaluation ToolsDavid CoppSandia National Laboratories
WA CEF Valuation EffortsPatrick BalducciPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Strategic Outreach OverviewJacquelynne HernandezSandia National Laboratories
BPA Damping Control ProjectDavid SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories
HECO Energy Storage AnalysisJim Ellison, Lee RashkinSandia National Laboratories
Sterling Municipal Light Department AnalysisRay ByrneSandia National Laboratories
Behind the Meter Storage ValuationTu NguyenSandia National Laboratories
German Market AnalysisChristoph Lackner, Tu NguyenSandia National Laboratories
Nonlinear SOC Model OptimizationTu NguyenSandia National Laboratories
Distributed Control of StorageDavid Copp, Felipe Wilches BernalSandia National Laboratories
Los Alamos GMLC AnalysisLee Rashkin, Jim EllisonSandia National Laboratories
Developing the Next Phase of the Global Energy Storage Database Vetting Process of the Global Energy Storage DatabaseThu NgoSandia National Laboratories
The DOE/ESS Website & Social MediaCris RomeroSandia National Laboratories
Workforce Development for the Future GridSteve GomezSanta Fe Community College

Applied Materials II

Ionic Liquid Flow Battery MaterialsTravis Anderson, Leo SmallSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB)Cy FujimotoSandia National Laboratories
Redox Flow Battery DevelopmentMichael AzizHarvard University
Component Research for Redox Flow Batteries and ‘Open’ BatteriesThomas ZawodzinskiUniversity of Tennessee- Knoxville
Materials Chemistry to Advance Na-BatteriesErik SpoerkeSandia National Laboratories
Stability Investigations on Binary Additive V/V ElectrolyteZimin NiePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Degradation in MV-TEMPO ASO Flow Battery SystemXiaoliang WeiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
An Aqueous Flow Battery Utilizing a Phenazine-Based AnolyteAaron HollasPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Tuesday, October 10

Validated Safety & Reliability

R&D to Understand Lithium-ion Battery Failures and Mitigate Consequences of FailureSummer FerreiraSandia National Laboratories
Battery Abuse Testing DevelopmentJosh LambSandia National Laboratories
Modeling Thermochemical Runaway and Its Inhibition in Lithium-Ion Battery SystemsJohn HewsonSandia National Laboratories
Assessment of Battery Reliability Data and Research NeedsDavid ReedPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Update on Energy Storage System Safety Roadmap Codes and Standards ActivitiesDavid ConoverPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Computing Modeling to Understand and Prevent Initial and Cascading Thermal RunawayRandy ShurtzSandia National Laboratories
Determining the Internal Pressure in 18650 Format Lithium Batteries Under Thermal AbuseFrank Austin MierNew Mexico Tech
Comparison of Propagation Mitigation Techniques and StrategiesLoraine Torres-CastroSandia National Laboratories
Impact of Frequency Regulation on Degradation of Commercial Li-ion BatteriesDaiwon ChoiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Reliability Study of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries by Superior Stable DHEQian HuangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Compliance Guide for Energy Storage SafetyPam ColePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Thermal Stability of Lithium-ion Batteries as a Function of Chemistry and State of ChangeHeather BarkholtzSandia National Laboratories
Estimating Lithium-ion Battery Fire Behavior from ARC Data Using CFAST Fire ModelHeather BarkholtzSandia National Laboratories
Comparative Electrochemical Performance of Commercial 18650-Format Lithium-ion CellsHeather BarkholtzSandia National Laboratories

Power Electronics

3300 V SiC MOSFETs for Energy Storage Power ElectronicsRanbir SinghGeneSic
Obstacles to High Temperature DC-link Capacitor ReliabilityHarlan Brown-ShakleeSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Magnetics for High Frequency Link ConvertersTodd MonsonSandia National Laboratories
Gate Oxide Sentaurus Model for Wide-bandgap DevicesAdam MorganNorth Carolina State University
Reliable High-Performance Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap DevicesPeter DickensSandia National Laboratories
High Temperature Optocouplers for High Density Power ModulesZhong ChenUniversity of Arkansas
Distributed Power Processing for Li-ion BatteriesSatish RanadeNew Mexico State University
Optimal Control of Battery Energy Storage SystemsDavid RosewaterSandia National Laboratories

Demonstrations and Analysis/Special Use-Applications

Overview of the Energy Storage Project Sub-ProgramDan BorneoSandia National Laboratories
Sandia Collaboration Project with UETRuss WeedUniEnergy Technologies
Clean Energy States Alliance UpdateTodd Olinsky-PaulClean Energy States Alliance
Sterling Municipal ES ProjectMatt StelmachSterling Municipal Light Department
State Regulatory EffortsRebecca O’NeilPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Collaborative Demo for Secondary Use and Use Case ValidationMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory
Energy Storage Data Submission GuidelinesCole BensonSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Demonstration Project with Electric Power BoardMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory
Update on the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority ESS ProjectsLaurence SombardierNatural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
Value of High Power, Short Duration Energy StorageMatthew LazarewiczHelix Power
PGE Storage AnalysisPatrick BalducciPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sandia’s Energy Storage Project StatusBenjamin SchenkmanSandia National Laboratories
Test Results from CEFVish VishwanathanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Non-linear Battery Model into BSETDi WuPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Closing RemarksMichael PesinUS Department of Energy/Office of Electricity
Closing RemarksImre GyukUS Department of Energy/Office of Electricity