2015 DOE OE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2015 DOE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held September 22-24 at the Portland Hilton and Towers, Portland, OR.

Download the full agenda here. Most presentations are available for download from the links below.

Tuesday, September 22

Welcome/Opening Session

Peer Review WelcomeDr. Imre GyukUS Department of Energy, Energy Storage Program
KeynoteGregory K. DelwicheBonneville Power Authority
DOE Energy Storage ProgramDr. Imre GyukUS Department of Energy, Energy Storage Program
SNL OE-ES OverviewBabu ChalamalaSandia National Laboratories
PNNL OE-ES OverviewVincent SprenklePacific Northwest National Laboratory
ORNL OE-ES OverviewMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory

Session 1 — Chair: Stan Atcitty, Sandia National Laboratories

PE Reliability 2 (FY15)David HughartSandia National Laboratories
60kW DC-AC Inverter with Internal Isolation using GaN DevicesMartin BeckerPrinceton Power Systems
Highly Efficient, High Power Density GaN-based DC-DC Converters for Grid-Tied Energy Storage Applications 1Daniel MartinAPEI
Innovative Nanocomposites Materials for FlywheelsTim BoyleSandia National Laboratories

DOE/OE Energy Storage Portfolio Projects Presented at EESAT 2015

Safety Codes and Standards EffortDave ConoverPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Secondary Use Energy Storage System Prototype Utilizing Varying Size and Chemistry BatteriesMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory
Compressed Air Energy StorageRobert BoothPacific Gas and Electric
Hawaii: Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA)Laurence SombardierNELHA
Testing: Stack Wave Form: Results of multiple simultaneous uses on life of a lithium ion cellSummer FerreiraSandia National Laboratories
Performance ProtocolVish ViswanathanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Valuation and Testing of Advanced Energy Storage for ARPA-E by UC San DiegoWilliam V. TorreUC San Diego
Grid-Scale Energy Storage Demonstration for Ancillary Services Using UltrabatteryJohn WoodEcoult East Penn
Optimal Control of Distributed Networked Energy Storage for Improved Small-Signal StabilityDave SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories
10kW 80kWh Energy Storage System Based on AllIron Hybrid Flow BatteryJulia SongEnergy Storage Systems, Inc.
SiC-based Topologies for Grid-tied Energy Storage Applications (GER-ES)Chad EckhardtGridBridge, Inc.

Wednesday, September 23

Session 2 — Chair: Kim Nuhfer, U.S. Department of Energy, NETL

NETL-ARRA overviewKim NuhferU.S Department of Energy, NETL
Detroit Edison’s Advanced Implementation of community Energy Storage Systems for Grid SupportHaukur AsgeirssonDTE Energy
Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project Using Li-Ion BatteriesGrant DavisSouthern California Edison
Vionx Energy Corporation Distributed Energy Storage System DemonstrationDoug AldertonVionx Energy Corporation
ARRA Energy Storage StudyDon BenderSandia National Laboratories

Session 3 — Chair: Vince Sprenkle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Room Temperature Sodium Flow BatteryLeon ShawIllinois Institute of Technology
Advances in PNNL’s Mixed Acid Redox Flow Battery StackDavid ReedPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-metal Halide Battery DevelopmentGuosheng LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Composite Electrolyte for Li-ion BatteriesXingbo LiuWest Virginia University
Room Temperature Na-ion Battery DevelopmentXioalin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Prussian Blue Materials for Na-ion BatteriesHyun-Wook LeeStanford University

Session 4 — Chair: Dan Borneo, Sandia National Laboratories

Industry Acceptance Thrust – OverviewDan BorneoSandia National Laboratories
California Energy Commission (CEC) : UC San DiegoBill TorreUniversity of California San Diego
Demo/Optimization: Texas Tech UniversityBen GullyDNV GL
CESA: Vermont GMPChris LarsenDynapower
CESA: OregonDiane BroadOregon Department of Energy
Clean Energy States AllianceTodd Olinsky-PaulCESA
Energy Storage in AlaskaMarc Mueller-StoffelsUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks
Active Damping of Power System Oscillations Using Distributed Energy StorageDavid SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories

Poster Session 5 – Chair: Rusty Heffner, ARPA-E, U.S. Department of Energy

Flow Battery Spectroelectrochemistry: In Operando Monitoring for Safety and ReliabilityTravis AndersonSandia National Laboratories
Novel High Energy Density Dielectrics for Scalable CapacitorHarlan Brown-ShakleeSandia National Laboratories
Hawaiian Electric Energy Storage Cost AnalysisRay ByrneSandia National Laboratories
Los Alamos County (LAC) Energy Storage and Renewables StudyRay ByrneSandia National Laboratories
Smart GaN-Based Inverters for Grid-tied Energy Storage SystemsMehdi FerdowsiMissouri University of Science & Technology
Reliable High-Performance Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap DevicesJon IhlefeldSandia National Laboratories
Low-Cost Sodium-Ion Battery to Enable Grid Scale Energy Storage: Prussian Blue-Derived Cathode and Complete Battery IntegrationJong-Jan LeeSharp Labs of America
Recent Development of Zinc-Polyiodide Redox Flow Battery at PNNLBin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Advanced Magnesium BatteriesGousheng LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Lithium Sulphur Batteries for Grid ApplicationsChengdu LiangeOak Ridge National Laboratory
K-S BatteryXiaochuan LuPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-ion Conducting Membranes for Non-Aqueous Redox Flow BatteriesJagjit NandaOak Ridge National Laboratory
An Inexpensive Metal-free Organic Redox Flow Battery from Grid-scale StorageSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
Power Dense Converter Electronics for Grid Tied Energy Storage ContainersBruce PilvelaitCreare, Inc.
A Single Substance Organic Redox Flow BatteryPaul RasmussenVinazene, Inc.
Planar Na-beta Batteries for Renewable Integration and Grid ApplicationsScott ReevesEagle Pilcher
Optimal Control of Distributed Networked Energy Storage for Improved Small-Signal StabilityDavid SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories
Iron Based Flow Batteries for Low Cost Grid Scale Energy StorageNicholas SinclairCase Western Reserve University
All-Silicon Carbide power module based boost converter platform for grid-tied energyRanbir SinghGeneSiC Semiconductor, Inc.
Secondary Use of Vehicle Batteries on the Electric GridMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory
Flow Battery Stack PerformanceEd ThomsenPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Low-Cost Grid-Scale Electrical Storage Using a Rechargeable Zinc-Manganese Dioxide BatteryDamon TurneyCUNY Energy Institute
High Energy Storage Capacity Low-Cost Iron Flow BatteryJesse WainwrightCase Western Reserve University
All Organic Flow BatteryXiaoliang WeiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
High Voltage Capacitors for DC-Link ApplicationsAngelo YializisSigma Technologies International, Inc.

DOE/OE Energy Storage Portfolio Projects Presented at EESAT 2015

WA State Clean Energy Fund – Use Case Analysis Assessing the Economic Benefits of Washington Clean Energy Fund Energy Storage ProjectsLandis KannbergPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Leading edge hybrid lead-acid: continuous partialcharge cycling, field reports, commercialJohn WoodEcoult East Penn
Battery Storage Evaluation Tool: Assessing the Economic Benefits of Energy Storage and MicrogridsPatrick BalducciPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Small Organic Molecule Based Flow Battery for Grid StorageMichael AzizHarvard University
Redox Flow Battery Development for Stationary Energy Storage ApplicationsVince SprenklePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Next Generation Aqueous Redox Flow Battery DevelopmentWei WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Developing MW-scale mixed-acid all vanadium redox flow battery systemLiyu LiUniEnergy Technologies

Thursday, September 24

Session 6 — Chair: Cy Fujimoto, Sandia National Laboratories

Component Research for Redox Flow Batteries and ‘Open’ BatteriesTom ZawodzinskiOak Ridge National Laboratory
Advanced Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow BatteriesCy FujimotoSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Materials for Ionic Liquid Flow BatteryTravis AndersonSandia National Laboratories

Session 7 — Chair: Landis Kannberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sodium-Based Battery DevelopmentDave IngersollSandia National Laboratories
Update on Energy Storage Safety Working GroupStan AtcittySandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Hazard Analysis and Risk ManagementDavid RosewaterSandia National Laboratories
Performance and Life Cycle Analysis of Energy Storage DevicesSummer FerreiraSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Systems Analysis Laboratory — ESTP Operations and ResultsDavid RosewaterSandia National Laboratories
Amber Kinetics Flywheel Energy Storage DemonstrationSeth SandersAmber Kinetics

Session 8 — Chair: Babu Chalamala, Sandia National Laboratories

DOE/EPRI Energy Storage Handbook in Collaboration with NRECAJacquelynne HernándezSandia National Laboratories
Potential Revenue from electrical Energy Storage in ERCOT: The Impact of location and Recent TrendsRay BymeSandia National Laboratories
International Energy Storage Working GroupVish ViswanathanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE Global Energy Storage DatabaseCedric O. ChristensenStrategen Consulting

DOE/OE Energy Storage Portfolio Projects Presented at EESAT 2015

Highly Efficient, High Power Density GaN-based DC-DC Converters for Grid-Tied Energy Storage ApplicationsDaniel MartinWolfspeed
Li-ion electrolyte outgassingDaiwon ChoiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Architectural Diversity of Metal Oxide nanostructures: An opportunity for the Rational Optimization of Group II Cation Based BatteriesEsther TakeuchiStonybrook
High Power Density GaN-Based Power Converters for Grid-Tied Energy StorageDaniel MartinArkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.
6.5 kV Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Power Switch Module for Energy Storage System ApplicationsJohn HostetlerUnited Silicon Carbide, Inc.
Design and Development of a Low Cost, Manufacturable High Voltage Power Module for Energy Storage SystemsChad O’NealArkansas Power Electronics International
All-SiC Phase Leg Power Modules with MIDSJT DevicesRanbir SinghGeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
Advanced Magnetics Project- High Frequency Link Converters Using Advanced MagneticsTodd MonsonSandia National Laboratories