2014 DOE OE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2014 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held Sept. 17-19 at the Renaissance Washington Hotel, Washington D.C.

The agenda is available for download (PDF, 249 kb, updated 10/08/14). Most presentations are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Wednesday, September 17

Welcome/Opening Session

Welcome and DOE PerspectiveDr. Imre GyukUS Department of Energy / Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability
DOE / ARPA-E Program OverviewDr. Reid HeffnerUS Department of Energy / Advanced Research Projects Agency-ENERGY
DOE / ARRA / NETL Program OverviewRon StaublyUS Department of Energy / American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
DOE / OE / SNL Program OverviewSean J. HearneSandia National Laboratories
DOE / OE / PNNL Program OverviewVincent SprenklePacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE / OE / ORNL Program OverviewGeorge AndrewsOak Ridge National Laboratory

Session 2 — Chair: George Andrews, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Energy Storage SafetySean J. HearneSandia National Laboratories
Advances in PNNL’s Mixed Acid Redox Flow Battery StackDavid ReedPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Redox Flow Battery OptimizationTom ZawodzinskiOak Ridge National Laboratory
Ionic Liquid Flow BatteryTravis AndersonSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Membranes for Flow BatteriesCy FujimotoSandia National Laboratories
Next Generation Aqueous Redox Flow Battery DevelopmentWei WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 3 — Chair: Wei Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Organic Flow Battery DevelopmentWei WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Iron Based Flow Batteries for Low Cost Grid Level Energy StorageJesse WainrightCase Western Reserve University
High Voltage, High Capacity, Room Temperature Sodium Flow BatteriesLeon ShawIllinois Institute of Technology
Sodium-Based Battery DevelopmentDave IngersollSandia National Laboratories
Room Temperature Na-Ion Battery DevelopmentXiaolin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-Ion Anode DevelopmentDonghai WangPennsylvania State University

Poster Session 4 — Chair: Dr. Reid Heffner, US DOE / ARPA-E

Manufacturing Cost Model Tool for Redox Flow Battery StacksScott WhalenPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Redox Flow Battery Membrane DevelopmentXiaoliang WeiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Catalyst Development for V/V Redox Flow BatteryBin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
A Single Substance Organic Redox Flow BatteryPaul RasmussenVinazene, Inc.
Flow Battery Structures to Improve Performance and Reduce Manufacturing CostHeather McCrabbFaraday Technology, Inc.
Small Organic Molecule Based Flow Battery for Grid StorageMichael AzizHarvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
2.5kW/10kWh Redox Flow Battery (RFB) with Low-cost Electrolyte and Membrane TechnologiesThomas KodenkandathITN Energy
Rechargeable Zinc Manganese Battery for Grid Scale Application Commercialization PathwaySanjoy Banerjee & Alex Couzis, with Valerio De Angelis, Melissa Menard, & Mike SchmuklerThe City University of New York Energy Institute / Urban Electric Power, LLC
Rechargeable Zinc Anode Stationary Battery DevelopmentsSanjoy Banerjee, with Nilesh Ingale, Josh Galloway, Damon Turney, Stoyan Bliznakov, Gautam Yadav, & Michael NyceThe City University of New York Energy Institute
Low-Cost Sodium-Ion Battery to Enable Grid Scale Energy Storage: Prussian Blue-Derived Cathode and Complete Battery IntegrationJong-Jan LeeSharp Labs of America
Advanced Sodium Batteries with Enhanced Safety and Low-Cost ProcessingJoonho KohMaterials & Systems Research, Inc.
A Robust and Inexpensive Iron-Air Battery for Grid-Scale Energy StorageSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
An Inexpensive Metal-free Organic Redox Flow Battery for Grid-scale StorageSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
High Energy Storage Capacity Low-Cost Iron Flow BatteryRobert SavinellCase Western Reserve University
Quaternary Phosphonium Based Hydroxide Exchange MembranesYushan YanUniversity of Delaware
High-Voltage and Low-Crossover Redox Flow Batteries for Economical and Efficient Renewable Electricity StorageYushan YanUniversity of Delaware
Energy Storage Integration with Renewables, Demonstration and Testing in a Microgrid SettingBill TorreUniversity of California, San Diego
Development of NaSICON Membrane Based Sodium-Iodine BatterySai BhavarajuCeramatec, Inc.
CommissioningDan BorneoSandia National Laboratories

Thursday, September 18

Session 5 — Chair: Sean J. Hearne, Sandia National Laboratories

ASU-ISU Low Temperature, High Energy Density, High Efficiency Liquid Alkali Metal Storage CellsAusten Angell & Steve W. MartinArizona State University / Iowa State University
Na-Metal Halide Battery DevelopmentJin Y. KimPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nitrogen/Oxygen Battery – A Transformational Architecture for Large Scale Energy StorageFrank DelnickSandia National Laboratories
Magnetic Composites for Energy Storage FlywheelsJim MartinSandia National Laboratories
Flywheel Materials DevelopmentTim BoyleSandia National Laboratories

Session 6 — Chair: Stan Atcitty, Sandia National Laboratories

Development of Electrode Architectures for High Energy Density Electrochemical CapacitorsBruce DunnUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Novel DielectricsGeoffrey BrenneckaSandia National Laboratories
Reliability Characterization of Wide-Band Gap Semiconductor SwitchesRobert J. KaplarSandia National Laboratories
Highly Efficient, High Power Density GaN-based DC-DC ConvertersDaniel MartinArkansas Power Electronics International
60kW DC-AC Inverter with Internal Isolation using GaN DevicesFrank HoffmannPrinceton Power Systems, Inc.

Session 7 — Chair: Landis Kannberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Flow Battery Solution for Smart Grid Renewable Energy ApplicationsCraig HorneEnerVault
20MW Flywheel Frequency Regulation Plant (Hazle Spindle)Jim ArseneauxBeacon Power
PG&E’s Compressed Air Energy Storage ProjectRobert BoothPacific Gas and Electric Company
Isothermal CAES: Fuel-Free, Site-Flexible Energy Storage for Renewables Integration and T&D SubstitutionBen Bollinger & Dax KepshireSustainX
Detroit Edison’s Advanced Implementation of Community Energy Storage Systems for Grid SupportNicholas Carlson & Haukur AsgeirssonDTE Energy
Grid-Scale Energy Storage Demonstration for Ancillary Services Using UltrabatteryJason HoffmanEcoult / East Penn Manufacturing

Poster Session 8 — Chair: Ron Staubly, US DOE / ARRA

Energy Storage Analysis Laboratory – Cell TestingDavid RosewaterSandia National Laboratories
Multi-Objective Optimization for Power Electronics Used in Grid Tied Energy Storage SystemsSarah HambridgeSandia National Laboratories
Impact of Value-Added Functionality on InvertersEric GreenNorth Carolina State University
Reliable High Performance Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap DevicesJon IhlefeldSandia National Laboratories
Development of a Monolithically Integrated SiC Semiconductor SwitchRanbir SinghGeneSiC Semiconductor
Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage System with Direct Power Electronics InterfaceV.R. RamananABB
High Energy Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesChengdu LiangOak Ridge National Laboratory
Lower Cost Carbon-fiber for Flywheel ApplicationsRobert E. NorrisOak Ridge National Laboratory
Sandia’s Demonstration with Duke EnergyDave SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories
High Frequency Link Converters Using Advanced MagneticsJosh YeeUniversity of California, Davis
Realization of Large Footprint Multilayer High Temperature Capacitors Incorporating Novel Dielectric Materials and Rapid Thermal Spray Deposition RoutesClive Randall, Eugene Furman & Rashmi DixitPenn State University / DRS Research
6.5 kV Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Power Switch Module for Energy Storage System ApplicationsJohn HostetlerUnited Silicon Carbide, Inc.
Design and Development of a Low Cost, Manufacturable High Voltage Power Module for Energy Storage SystemsBrandon PassmoreArkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.
High Voltage Capacitors for DC-Link ApplicationsAngelo YializisSigma Technologies International, Inc.
Real-Time In-Situ Metrology for Lithium-Ion Battery R&D and ManufacturingJong YooApplied Spectra, Inc.
Status of International Energy Storage Working GroupVish VishwanathanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Amber Kinetics Flywheel Energy Storage DemonstrationSeth SandersAmber Kinetics
Development of a 100 kWh/100 kw Flywheel Energy Storage ModuleJim ArseneauxBeacon Power
Semi-Solid Rechargeable Power Sources-Flexible, High Performance Storage for Vehicles at Ultra-Low CostTaison Tan24 M Technologies, Inc.
ES Market StructuresCesar Silva MonroySandia National Laboratories
Wind Integration in West Texas: 1 MW/1 MWh Lithium-ion Battery SystemElizabeth EndlerShell International Exploration & Production (US) Inc.

Friday, September 19

Session 9 — Chair: Vincent Sprenkle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

ESS Performance Protocol DevelopmentDave SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories
National Model Codes and StandardsDave ConoverPacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE Global Energy Storage DatabaseGeorgianne HuffSandia National Laboratories
DOE / EPRI Electricity Storage HandbookAbbas AkhilSandia National Laboratories
Notrees Energy Storage ProjectJeff GatesDuke Energy

Session 10 — Chair: Maddi S�nchez Argoitia

The Architectural Diversity of Metal Oxide Nanostructures: An Opportunity for the Rational Optimization of Group II Cation Based BatteriesEsther TakeuchiStony Brook University
Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage ProjectLoic GaillacSouthern California Edison
BPA – Wide Area Damping Control: Proof of ConceptDave SchoenwaldSandia National Laboratories
Powin / BPA Demonstration ProjectVish ViswanathanPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Washington State Clean Energy Funds – Grid StorageLandis KannbergPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 11 — Chair: Dan Borneo, Sandia National Laboratories

Demonstrations OverviewDan BorneoSandia National Laboratories
Demonstration of Modular Energy Storage in the NorthwestPatrick BalducciPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Secondary-Use Battery Energy Storage SystemsMichael StarkeOak Ridge National Laboratory
Energy Storage Demonstrations & EvaluationBen SchenkmanSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Technical PartnershipsJacquelynne Hern�ndezSandia National Laboratories
State & Federal Energy Storage Technology Advancement PartnershipTodd Olinsky-PaulClean Energy States Alliance
Energy Storage Systems Analysis Laboratory – Cell, Module, and Integrated Systems\David RosewaterSandia National Laboratories
Closing RemarksDr. Imre GyukUS Department of Energy / Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability