2013 DOE OE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2013 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held October 25 at the San Diego Marriot Marquis and Marina in San Diego, CA.

Most presentations are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Friday, October 25

Session 1 Welcome — Chair: Georgianne Huff, Sandia National Laboratories

ARRA Notrees Wind StorageJeff GatesDuke Energy
ARRA Solid State Li Metal Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy StorageMohit SinghSeeo Inc.
ARRA Compressed Air Energy StorageMike Medeiros, Robert BoothPacific Gas and Electric Company
ARRA Detroit Edison’s Advanced Implementation of Community Energy Storage Systems for Grid SupportNicholas Carlson, Haukur AsgeirssonDTE Energy Co.
ARRA Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project Using Li-Ion BatteriesBlake Chalson, Christopher ClarkeSouthern California Edison
ARRA Beacon Power 20MW Flywheel Frequency Regulation Plant (Hazle Spindle)Jim ArseneauxBeacon Power

Poster Session: ARPA-E Projects

Development of a 100 kWh/100 kw Flywheel Energy Storage ModuleJim ArseneauxBeacon Power
Transformative Renewable Energy Storage Devised Based on Neutral Water InputKatherine AyersProton OnSite
Small Organic Molecule Based Flow Battery for Grid StorageMichael AzizHarvard University
Flow-assisted Zinc Anode Batteries for Grid-scale Electricity StorageValerio De Angelis, Nilesh Ingale, Sanjoy BanerjeeCUNY Energy Institute
Electroville: High-Amperage Energy Storage Device-Energy Storage for the NeighborhoodPaul Burke, David BradwellMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Low-Cost Grid-Scale Electrical Storage Using a Flow-Assisted Rechargeable Zinc-Manganes Dioxide BatteryTim CoyneCUNY
Enhanced Metal-Air Energy Storage System with Advanced Grid- Interoperable Power Electronics Enabling Scalability and Ultra-Low CostCody FriesenFluidic Energy
Planar Na-beta Batteries for Renewable Integration and Grid ApplicationsRobert HigginsEaglePicher Technologies, LLC
Soluble Lead Flow Battery TechnologyDavid KeoghGeneral Atomics
2.5kW/10kWh Redox Flox Battery (RFB) with Low-cost Electrolyte and Membrane TechnologiesThomas KodenkandathITN Energy Systems, Inc.
Advanced Sodium Batteries with Enhanced Safety and Low-Cost ProcessingJoonho KohMaterials & Systems Research, Inc.
Low-Cost Sodium-Ion Battery to Enable Grid Scale Energy Storage: Prussian Blue-Derived Cathode and Complete Battery IntegrationJong-Jan LeeSharp Laboratories
Hydrogen-Bromine Electrical Energy Storage SystemGuangyu LinTVN Systems
A Robust and Inexpensive Iron-Air Battery for Grid-Scale Energy StorageSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
An Inexpensive Metal-free Organic Redox Flow Battery for Grid-scale StorageSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
Affordable Energy from Water and SunlightDaniel NoceraSun Catalytix
Transformative Electrochemical Flow Storage SystemMichael PerryUTC
Redox Flow Batteries with High Power Density CellsMichael PerryUTC
Superdonducting Magnet Energy Storage System with Direct Power Electronics InterfaceV.R. RamananABB, Inc.
High Energy Storage Capacity Low-Cost Iron Flow BatteryRobert SavinellCase Western University
10kW 80kWh Energy Storage System Based on All-Iron Hybrid Flow BatteryJulia SongEnergy Storage Systems
Hyrdogen Bromine Flow Batteries for Grid Scale Energy StorageVenkat SrinivasanABB, Inc.
Low Cost, High Performance and Long Life Flow Battery ElectrodesTom StepienPrimus Power
Low Cost, High-Energy Density Flywheel Storage Grid DemonstrationMike StrasikThe Boeing Company
Potassium-Based Aqueous Flow Battery for Grid ApplicationOlivier SudreTeledyne
Semi-Solid Rechargeable Power Sources-Flexible, High Performance Storage for Vehicles at Ultra-Low CostTaison Tan, James Cross24M
Demonstartion of 2.5kWh Vanadium Redox Glow Battery (VRFB) Through Rationally Designed High Energy Density Electrolytes and Membrane-Electrode Assembly (MEA)Paul ThoenITNES
Hydrogen-Bromine Flow BatteriesAdam Weber
Open Framework Electrode Batteries for Cost-Effective Stationary StorageColin Wessells
Quaternary Phosphonium Based Hydroxide Exchange MembranesYushan YanUniversity of Delaware
High-Voltage and Low-Crossover Redox Flow Batteries for Economical and Efficient Renewable Electricity StorageYushan YanUniversity of Delaware

Poster Session: University Projects

Iron Based Flow Batteries for Low Cost Grid Level Energy StorageJesse WainrightCase Western Reserve University
The Architectural Diversity of Metal Oxide Nanostructures: An Opportunity for the Rational Optimization of Group II Cation Based BatteriesEsther TakeuchiStony Brook University

Poster Session: ARRA Projects

ARRA Amber Kinetics Flywheel Energy Storage DemonstrationEdward ChiaoAmber Kinetics, Inc.
ARRA Painesville Municipal Electric Power Vanadium Redox Battery Demonstration ProjectJoseph StartariAshlawn Energy LLC
ARRA Ultrabattery Project ResultsJeff SeasholtzEast Penn

Session 2 — Chair: Georgianne Huff, Sandia National Laboratories

University ProjectsPaul ClemSandia National Laboratories
Reliable High-Performance Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap DevicesJon IhlefeldSandia National Laboratories
DOE/EPRI Electricity Storage Handbook in Collaboration with NRECAGeorgianne HuffSandia National Laboratories
Closing RemarksDr. Imre GyukUS Department of Energy / Office Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability