2011 Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2011 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held Oct. 20-21 at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, San Diego, CA.

Most presentations are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Thursday, October 20

Welcome/Opening Session

WelcomeDr. Imre GyukUS Department of Energy / Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability
Grid-Scale Energy Storage Demonstration for Ancillary Services Using the Ultrabattery TechnologyJeff Seasholtz / John WoodEast Penn Manufacturing / Ecoult
PV Plus Storage for Simultaneous Voltage Smoothing and Peak ShiftingSteve WillardPublic Service Company of New Mexico
Notrees Wind StorageAnuja RatnayakeDuke Energy Business Services
Detroit Edison�s Advanced Implementation of Community Energy Storage Systems for Grid SupportNicholas CarlsonThe Detroit Edison Company
Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project Using Li-Ion BatteriesLoic GaillacSouthern California Edison

Session 2 — Chair: Ron Staubly, NETL

Premium Power Distributed Energy Storage System DemonstrationMike FascettiPremium Power
High Performance, Long Life Flow Battery ElectrodeRick WinterPrimus Power Corp.
Painesville Municipal Power Vanadium Redox Battery Demonstration ProgramJodi StartariCity of Painesville
Solid State Li Metal Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy StorageDr. Mohit SinghSeeo
Amber Kinetics Flywheel Energy Storage DemonstrationEdward ChiaoAmber Kinetics
Demonstration of Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage to Support Renewable Energy ProductionDr. Dax KepshireSustainX

Session 3 — Chair: Ross Guttromson, Sandia National Laboratories

Energy Storage at Sandia National LabsKaren WaldripSandia National Laboratories
Understanding the Function & Performance of Carbon Enhanced Lead Acid BatteriesDavid EnosSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Flywheel MaterialsTim BoyleSandia National Laboratories
Develop N2-O2 BatteryDavid IngersollSandia National Laboratories

Friday, October 21

Session 4 — Chair: Terry Aselage, Sandia National Laboratories

Stationary Storage R&D at PNNLGary YangSandia National Laboratories
Development of High Performance Redox Flow BatteriesLiu LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-metal halide batteries (in combination with ARPA-E project)Vince SprenklePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Low Temperature Sodium BatteriesJun LiuPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage and Grid AnalysisMichael Kintner�MeyerPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 5 — Chair: Landis Kannberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Energy Storage Test FacilityDavid RoseSandia National Laboratories
Life Cycle Testing of Energy Storage DevicesSummer FerreiraSandia National Laboratories
CAES Modeling ParametersSteve BauerSandia National Laboratories
DOE/EPRI/NRECA Storage HandbookAbbas AkhilSandia National Laboratories
Superconducting Flywheel DevelopmentMichael StrasikThe Boeing Company

Poster Session 1 — ARPA-E

PosterPoster AuthorOrganization
Fuel-Free, Ubiquitous, Compressed Air Energy Storage and Power ConditioningDavid MarcusGeneral Compression
Transformative Renewable Energy Storage Devices Based on Neutral Water InputKatherine AyersProton Energy
Low Cost, High- Energy Density Flywheel Storage Grid DemonstrationMichael StrasikBoeing
Battery: A Robust and Inexpensive Iron-Air Rechargeable Battery for Grid-Scale Energy StorageSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
Development of a 100 kWh/100 kW Flywheel Energy Storage ModuleMatthew L. LazarewiczBeacon Power
Flow-assisted Zinc Anode Batteries for Grid-scale Electricity StorageSanjoy BanerjeeCUNY
Hydrogen-Bromine Flow Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy StorageVincent BattagliaLawrence Berkeley National Lab
Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage System with Direct Power Electronics InterfaceV.R. RamananABB, Inc.
Soluble Lead Flow Battery TechnologyDavid KeoghGeneral Atomics
Low Cost, High Performance 50 Year ElectrodesRick WinterPrimus Power
Transformative Electrochemical Flow Storage SystemMichael PerryUTRC
Enhanced Metal-Air Energy Storage System with Advanced Grid-Interoperable Power Electronics Enabling Scalability and Ultra-Low CostCody FriesenFluidic
Low Cost, Long Cycle Life, Li-ion Batteries for Stationary StorageDaiwon ChoiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
High-Amperage Energy Storage Device-Energy Storage for the NeighborhoodDavid BradwellMIT
Semi-Solid Rechargeable Power Sources- Flexible, High Performance Storage for Vehicles at Ultra-Low CostJames Cross24M
Planar Na-beta Batteries for Renewable Integration and Grid ApplicationsVince SprenkleEagle-Pitcher
Affordable Energy from Water and SunlightDaniel NoceraSun Catalytix

Poster Session 2 — SBIR

PosterPoster AuthorOrganization
Development of a High-power Motor/Generator for the ARPA-E Hub-Less FlywheelMatthew L. LazarewiczBeacon Power
Shaft-less, Hub-less High Strength Steel FlywheelPatrick McMullenCalnetix
Acid-Base Blend Membranes for Redox Flow BatteriesChristopher RhodesLynntech, Inc.
Flow Battery MembraneJack TregerTiax, LLC
Modular Undersea Compressed Air Energy Storage (UCAES) SystemJames KesseliBrayton Energy, LLC
Highly Selective Proton-Conducting Composite Membranes for Redox Flow BatteriesDr. Hongzhu FuLynntech, Inc.
Low Cost and Highly Selective Composite Membrane for Redox Flow BatteriesFei WangEIC Laboratories, Inc
Low-Cost, High-Performance Hybrid Membranes for Redox Flow BatteriesHongxing HuAmsen Technologies, LLC
Energy Storage Technology Research and Development Efforts in CaliforniaAvtar BiningCEC

Poster Session 3 — University Call

PosterPoster AuthorOrganization
Investigation of High Performance Components of Novel Structure for Ambient Temperature High Energy Density Battery SystemsAusten Angell / S. W. MartinArizona State University / Iowa State University
Iron Based Flow Batteries for Low Cost Grid Level Energy StorageJesse WainwrightCase Western
Development of Electrode Architectures for High Energy Density Electrochemical CapacitorsBruce DunnUCLA
The Architectural Diversity of Metal Oxide Nanostructures: An Opportunity for the Rational Optimization of Group II Cation Based BatteriesEsther TakeuchiUniversity of Buffalo

Poster Session 4 — Core Program New Starts

PosterPoster AuthorOrganization
2nd Generation Emissions Study by KEMARick FioravantiKEMA
Sodium-Based Batteries- Applied R&DDavid IngersollSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Project DatabaseJanice LinStrateGen Consulting, LLC
Advanced Membranes for Flow BatteriesCy FujimotoSandia National Laboratories
Flow Battery ModelingMario MartinezSandia National Laboratories
Thermo electrochemical Energy StorageNick HudakSandia National Laboratories
Magnetic Alignment of NanoparticlesJim MartinSandia National Laboratories
CAES AnalysesSteve BauerSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership ProjectAnne MargolisClean Energy Group
Energy Storage Metrics Development- Application DependentBen SchenkmanSandia National Laboratories
Regulatory & Policy Considerations of Electricity Storage Technologies & BenefitsVerne LooseSandia National Laboratories
Economics � Energy Storage market structuresJames EllisonSandia National Laboratories
Engineered Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap Semiconductor MOSFETsJon IhlefeldSandia National Laboratories
Li-ion reuseOmer OnarOak Ridge National Laboratories

Poster Session 5 — Other

PosterPoster AuthorOrganization
Linear Single Phase Inverter Model for Battery Energy Storage System EvaluationLuke WatsonSandia National Laboratories
Battery Impedance Modeling for Power Electronics ApplicationsDaniel FregosiSandia National Laboratories
NMSU ProjectsSatish RanadeNMSU
California Big Box Stores PV with Energy Storage DemonstrationsMatt GallandSunPower
Beacon Power 20MW Flywheel Frequency Regulation PlantMatthew L. LazarewiczBeacon Power Corporation
High Temp ControllerJoe HenflingSandia National Laboratories