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Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) Webinars


The Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) is a federal-state funding and information sharing project that aims to accelerate the deployment of electrical energy storage technologies in the U.S. through the creation of technical assistance and co-funding partnerships between states and the U.S. Department of Energy. The webinars below are presented by the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) under contract to the DOE-OE and Sandia National Laboratories as part of ESTAP.

 One Year In – Energy Storage Proves its Worth in Sterling, MA
March 7, 2018

Summarizing one year of operations, this webinar will show how the Sterling Municipal Light Department’s energy storage project saved nearly $400,000 for the town’s ratepayers. The webinar will also provide information on a second energy storage project being undertaken by Sterling in conjunction with a community solar installation.


State of the U.S. Energy Storage Industry: 2017 Year in Review
February 13, 2018

The U.S. energy storage market experienced substantial growth in 2017. In this webinar, guest speakers from GTM Research  share insights related to recent developments in the U.S. energy storage market, including deployment trends, policy updates, and market outlook.

Energy Storage for Puerto Rico: Modular Solutions for Disaster Recovery
December 12, 2017

Energy storage, combined with solar generation, can provide power to disaster recovery efforts when the grid is down. This webinar featured presentations from organizations implementing solar+storage in Puerto Rico: GS Battery, Civic Solar, the Solar Foundation, and Resilient Power Puerto Rico.


Energy Storage Solutions for Disaster Recovery and Resilience: How to get Power Back to the Islands
October 24, 2017

Energy storage experts discuss solar+storage solutions that could support short-term resilience and recovery in a natural disaster. The discussion specifically addresses current recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and how solar+storage systems have been used in Florida and the Northeast.


Energy Storage for Rural Affordable Housing: The McKnight Lane Redevelopment Project
September 27, 2017

This webinar provided operational and economic updates on the McKnight Lane Redevelopment Project, a rural solar+storage affordable housing project that has been in operation since October 2016.


The Value Proposition for Energy Storage at the Sterling Municipal Light Department
April 27, 2017

This webinar highlighted the economic case for the 2 MW battery storage project in Sterling, MA. Guest speakers included Sandia National Labs, Sterling Municipal Light Department, and the US Department of Energy.


Comparing the Abilities of Energy Storage, PV, and Other Distributed Energy Resources to Provide Grid Services
March 13, 2017

Learn how to benchmark and compare very different distributed energy resources on their ability to supply each grid service. In this webinar, guest speakers from the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium discussed the drivers behind this research challenge, the technical problems that need solving, and their progress so far in the areas of energy storage and solar PV.


Developing an Energy Storage Project: A Technical Perspective
March 8, 2017

Dan Borneo and Ben Schenkman from Sandia National Laboratories discuss how to successfully construct an energy storage project that is safe, reliable, and cost effective.


State of the U.S. Energy Storage Industry: 2016 Year in Review
January 27, 2017

In this webinar, guest speakers from GTM Research shared insights related to recent developments in the U.S. energy storage market, including deployment trends, policy updates, and market outlook.

Energy Storage in Massachusetts: What the Study Said, and What’s Next
October 27, 2016

Massachusetts leapt to the forefront of state energy storage policy with its recently released study, “State of Charge.” In this webinar, hosted by CESA for the Energy Storage Technical Advancement Partnership (ESTAP), panelists explained the study’s results and discussed what’s next as the state rolls out a host of new energy storage policy and program initiatives.


Energy Storage in Sterling: A Massachusetts Municipal Microgrid
October 25, 2016

In this webinar hosted by CESA for the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP), panelists discussed a new clean energy project that will provide vital resiliency and economic benefits to the town of Sterling, Massachusetts.


Measuring Energy Storage System Performance: A Government/Industry- Developed Protocol
June 30, 2016

In this webinar, panelists from PNNL, Sandia, and the US DOE discuss the updated protocol for measuring and expressing the performance characteristics for energy storage systems.


Energy Storage Market Updates and Focus on Modeling for System Design
April 21, 2016

Guest speakers from Customized Energy Solutions will give a short update on energy storage markets, and then will cover the importance of modeling in developing a project and of having plant operational capabilities.


Procurement Guidance for Energy Storage Projects: Help with RFIs RFQs and RFPs
April 20, 2016

This webinar offers guidance for developing procurement documents for feasibility and economic analyses, engineering, equipment, and services related to developing and implementing an energy storage project.


State of the U.S. Energy Storage Industry
April 19, 2016

This webinar reviews the US energy storage industry in 2015. Ravi Manghani and Brett Simon from GTM Research will present.


Flow Batteries: New Efforts in R&D
March 23, 2016

This webinar features a presentation by PNNL’s Vincent Sprenkle for a discussion on the latest advancements in flow battery technology, recent efforts to demonstrate the multiple benefits flow battery systems can provide, and the path forward for lower cost systems.


Optimizing Energy Storage Sizing, Location, and Operation: Current R&D Efforts at Sandia National Laboratories
February 25, 2016

This webinar features a presentation on modeling software that can help developers optimize energy storage size and location. Panelists include Dr. César Silva-Monroy, Dr. Raymond Byrne, and Dan Borneo from Sandia National Laboratories.


New Jersey Energy Storage Rebate Program
February 17, 2016

The New Jersey Energy Storage Program is back, this time in the form of an open enrollment prescriptive rebate that will offer $300/kWh for eligible systems. The $3 million rebate program opens March 1. This webinar discusses program rules and requirements from the New Jersey BPU.

State of the U.S. Energy Storage Industry
December 16, 2015

This webinar provides an up-to-date look at the U.S. energy storage industry, including trends in technology, applications, pricing, financing, vendor landscape, markets, and relevant regulatory and legislative issues. Panelists include Ravi Manghani and Brett Simon of GTM Research.


Retrofits for Resiliency: How to Make an Existing Solar PV System into an Islandable Resilient Power System
November 12, 2015

This webinar features a discussion on what is required, technically and economically, to retrofit an existing solar PV system with a new “smart” inverter and battery to make it islandable, so that it can continue to serve critical needs behind the meter when the grid is down. Panelists include Ben Schenkman of Sandia National Laboratories, Chris Larsen of Dynapower, and Dan Cohee of Pacific Data Electric.


Energy Storage Market Updates
September 30, 2015

This webinar is the first in a quarterly series on energy storage market updates. Guest speakers Michael Berlinski, Jacqueline DeRosa and Raj Chintapalli of Customized Energy Solutions present up-to-date information on the value of electric services markets, such as frequency response and demand response, that energy storage can economically participate in.


Oregon Department of Energy – Energy Storage Demonstration RFP Information Session
September 14, 2015

With support from U.S. DOE Office of Electricity, Stationary Energy Storage Program, the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) will be issuing a request for proposals for electric energy storage demonstration projects. Up to $295,000 is available in combined Federal and State funding. The webinar discussed the objectives of the demonstration, minimum qualifications for a proposal, what is required for a complete proposal, and how the proposals will be evaluated.


Electricity Markets and the Economics of Energy Storage
August 27, 2015

This webinar will present an overview of Clean Energy Group’s forthcoming report “Energy Storage and Electricity Markets: The Value of Storage to the Power System and the Importance of Electricity Markets in Energy Storage Economics.”


Upgrading Distribution Resilience – A DOE-OE Solicitation
April 7, 2015

This webinar highlighted the $3.5 million U.S. DOE Resilient Electricity Delivery Infrastructure (REDI) Initiative. Through this solicitation, the DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability will support the deployment of Smart Grid and Storage technologies and tools to advance climate preparedness and resiliency.


DOE OE Energy Storage Safety Strategic Plan
January 14, 2015

In this webinar, DOE OE Program Manager Dr. Imre Gyuk led a discussion of the strategic plan with Sean Hearne of Sandia National Labs, Kenneth Willette of the National Fire Protection Association, and Vincent Sprenkle of the Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory. This webinar was hosted by ESTAP Project Director Todd Olinsky-Paul.

Flow Battery Basics, Part 2
October 29, 2014

This webinar features Andrew Marshall from Primus Power and Tracy Montoya from Raytheon Ktech, who discussed their products and answered questions from viewers. The webinar also featured an introduction to flow battery technology by Dr. Imre Gyuk of U.S. DOE Office of Electricity, and a discussion of flow battery testing and technological readiness by Dan Borneo of Sandia National Laboratories.


A Solar Storage Microgrid for the Energy City of the Future
August 22, 2014

This webinar features a discussion on the innovative solar + energy storage microgrid project in Rutland, Vermont. Panelists include Dr. Imre Gyuk, U.S. DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability; Darren Springer, Vermont Public Service Department; and Mary Powell and Josh Castonguay from Green Mountain Power.


Flow Battery Basics, Part 1: What They Are, How They Work, Where They’re Used
June 19, 2014

Part 1 of a two-part webinar series on flow batteries.


Commissioning Energy Storage
May 20, 2014

This webinar discusses the process of commissioning an energy storage system. Dan Borneo of Sandia National Laboratories and Matt Galland of Sunpower will be presenting.


Microgrid Technologies
April 4, 2014

Microgrid Technologies – A guide to CHP, Energy Storage, PV and Fuel Cells for Connecticut Municipalities and Other Interested Parties


Connecticut and Massachusetts Discuss Upcoming Solicitations for Resilient Power and Microgrids
February 13, 2014

Clean Energy States Alliance and the U.S. Department of Energy host a discussion of upcoming solicitations by the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts for resilient power systems and microgrids. These efforts have been supported by CESA’s Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) and Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Project.

California’s New Energy Storage Mandate
November 19, 2013

In a move with important national implications, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved an order requiring the state’s three largest utilities to add 1325 megawatts of energy storage to the grid by 2020. In this webinar, CPUC staff members described the agency’s energy storage decision, explained its purpose, and discussed how it will be implemented.


Duke Energy’s Energy Storage Projects
November 13, 2013

This presentation provided an overview of Duke Energy’s deployed systems and summarized lessons learned and opportunities to make energy storage a valuable part of the electric grid.


Optimizing the Benefits of a PV with Battery Storage System
September 16, 2013

This webinar is on the PNM’s Prosperity Energy Storage Project. Guest speakers included Steve Willard from PNM Resources, Dan Borneo from Sandia National Laboratory, and Dr. Imre Gyuk from the US DOE.


Resilient Solar-Storage Systems for Homes and Commercial Facilities
July 17, 2013

This webinar features Michael Kleinberg of DNV KEMA, who will discuss existing solutions and opportunities for solar PV systems with battery backup in residential and commercial applications.


An Overview of the Electricity Storage Handbook
June 18, 2013

This webinar introduces the recently updated Electricity Storage Handbook released by Sandia National Laboratories and published by the U.S. Department of Energy. The webinar is titled “Highlights of the DOE/EPRI 2013 Electricity Storage Handbook in Collaboration with NRECA.”


An Introduction to the Energy Storage Report for State Utility Regulators
April 24, 2013

This webinar is an overview of a recent energy storage report, titled “Evaluating Utility Procured Electric Energy Storage Resources: A Perspective for State Electric Utility Regulators.”


East Penn and Ecoult Battery Installation Case Study
March 26, 2013

This webinar is presented on East Penn/Ecoult’s battery storage installations. This is another in CESA’s series of energy storage case study webinars.


Briefing on Sandia’s Maui Energy Storage Study
March 6, 2013

This webinar features a case study conducted by Sandia National Laboratory on the Island of Maui and its goals of increasing its renewable energy capacity and the role of energy storage.

Application for Redox Flow Batteries
December 20, 2012

This webinar features a presentation by Bret Adams, Director of Business Development at EnerVault, on the opportunity for redox flow batteries and examples of their applications.


Energy Storage Solutions for Microgrids
November 7, 2012

Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) hosts a webinar with Connecticut DEEP, in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. DOE Office of Electricity, on energy storage.


State Electricity Storage Policies
July 12, 2012

Featured speakers in this webinar include Commissioner Jeanne M. Fox, of the NJ Board of Public Utilities; David Nemtzow of the California Energy Storage Alliance; and Sheridan J. Pauker, Esq. of the Energy and Clean Technology Group of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a law practice that works extensively with energy storage companies.


RFI Bidder’s Call
February 29, 2012

On this webinar, bidders (state entities) and their partners have access to staff from DOE OE, Sandia National Laboratories, and CESA in order to address either live questions about the RFI or questions that have been queued up at the ESTAP RFI Q&A wiki (


Federal Regulatory Energy Storage Policy
January 25, 2012

In this webinar, we will review the federal regulatory landscape for energy storage, specifically FERC Order 755, FERC Order 890 (which directs ISOs/RTOs to develop tariffs, market rules, and control algorithms and to open markets for new technologies that provide ancillary services), and other aspects of FERC treatment of energy storage and how these affect ISOs, energy storage device owners, and energy storage technology manufacturers.

Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership Opportunity
February 25, 2011

This webinar introduces the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP). Through this project, CESA will establish and facilitate a multi-state/federal collaborative initiative to advance cooperation and cost-share contributions to demonstration projects by states, DOE, and private industry to accelerate energy storage project deployment in the U.S.