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Monday, September 24, 2007

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Session #1: Economics – Business Model

Title Presenter PDF
The Energy Storage Business Proposition Anthony Price, Swanbarton Ltd PDF
The Declining Significance of Rates Charles Koontz, Integrys Energy Svcs PDF
Battery Energy Storage Systems for Primary Frequency Regulation Daniel Chartouni, ABB Switzerland PDF

Session #2: Economics – Benefit Studies

Title Presenter PDF
Evaluating Value Propositions for Four Modular Electricity Storage Demonstrations in California Jim Eyer, DUA PDF
Electricity Storage for Capacity-Constrained Markets Under Demand-Side Management Programmes: Management and Revenues Lazaros Exarchakos, Imperial College PDF
Update on Benefit and Cost Comparison of Energy Storage Technologies for Four Viable Value Propositions Susan Schoenung, Longitude 122 West PDF

Session #3: Economics – Environment Benefit Studies

Title Presenter PDF
The Role of Electrical Energy Storage in Mitigating the Green HouseGas Challenge Pramod Kulkarni, CEC PDF
Carbon Evaluation of Traditional and Flywheel Power Plants for Grid Regulation Ancillary Applications Richard Fioravanti, KEMA PDF
Multi-Objective Valuation of Electricity Storage Devices Edwin Haesen, KU Leuven PDF
Utility-Scale CAES Technology with CO2 Benefits Tom Key, EPRI PDF

Session #4: Utility & Commercial Applications of Advanced Energy Storage Systems

Title Presenter PDF
Performance of AEP’s 1.2 MW Peak Shaving Energy Storage Unit Ali Nourai, AEP PDF
Iowa Stored Energy Park Kent Holst, ISEP PDF
Permanent Load Shifting and UPS Functionality at a Telecommunications POP Site Using the VRB-ESSTM– A Case Study John Davis, VRB Power PDF
Design of 20 MW Flywheel-Based Frequency Regulation Plant Chet Lyons, Beacon PDF

Session #5: Rail Applications

Title Presenter PDF
LIRR Flywheel BESS Demonstration Guy Sliker, NYPA PDF
The ACE2 System: A Kinetic Energy Storage for Railway Substations Marcos Lafoz, CEDEX PDF

Session #6: Multi-Megawatt Applications

Title Presenter PDF
Underground Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage Using Aquifer Greg Martin, UC-Boulder PDF
Analysis of Field Test Results for Stabilization of 30.6 MW Wind Farm with Energy Storage Gentaro Koshimizu, EPD PDF
Potential Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage Sites in Colorado Jonah Levine, UC-Boulder PDF
Progress of the 34 MW NAS Battery System for a 51 MW Wind Farm Tomio Tamakoshi, NGK PDF
Large Scale Electricity Storage on Energy Island Frits Verheij, KEMA PDF

Session #7: Renewables & Distributed Energy Applications I

Title Presenter PDF
Using Intelligent Storage to Smooth Wind Energy Generation Peter Coppin, CSIRO PDF
GROW-DERS (Grid Reliability and Operability with Distributed Generation Using Flexible Storage) Fritis Verheij, KEMA PDF
Grid Services From Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A Key to Economic Viability Paul Denholm, NREL PDF
Demonstration of Commercial Energy Storage Device Used to LoadShift Residential Sized Photovoltaic System –– Preliminary Results Ib Olsen, Gaia PDF

Session #8: Renewables & Distributed Energy Applications II

Title Presenter PDF
Integrated WTG, Transportable Compressed Air Energy Storage(T-CAES) System and Desalination Device Paul Lieberman, EnisWindGen PDF
Thermal Analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Future Grid and Renewable Energy Storage Applications Chris Mi, Univ. Michigan-Dearborn PDF
Distributed Energy Storage: Role in Building-Based PV Systems Tyson Lawrence, TIAX PDF

Tuesday, September 25

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Session #9: International Energy Storage Programs

Title Presenter PDF
Canadian Electricity Storage Program Melanie Chamberland, NRC PDF
The Status of Energy Storage Technologies and Demonstration Projects in Australia Tony Vassallo, Invenergy PDF
The Need for Energy Storage in Africa P.J. Frampton, Eskom PDF
Web-Based Energy Storage Monitoring – 2006-2007 Results Doug Dorr, EPRI PDF
Status Update on the NYSERDA/DOE Joint Energy Storage Initiative Projects Jeff Lamoree, EnerNex PDF
An Update On ACONF – Where Is It Now? Where Is It Going? Garth Corey, SNL PDF

Session #10: Power Electronics I

Title Presenter PDF
STATCOM with Energy Storage System for Wind Power Integration Mesut Baran, NCSU PDF
Energy Storage and Power Conditioning System for Clean, On-Site Energy Resources Supporting Grid-Interactive and Micro-Grid Operation Leo Casey, SatCom PDF
Cyber-Physical Systems Disturbed Control: The Advanced Electric Power Grid Mariesa Crow, University of Missouri –Rolla PDF
An Sic Power Converter System – Thermal Management and High Temperature Timothy Lin, Aegis PDF

Session #11: Power Electronics II

Title Presenter PDF
10 kW Silicon Carbide (Sic) Based Inverter for Renewable Energy Applications Roberto Schupbach, APEI PDF
Large Area Silicon Carbide GTO Thyristor Development Ranbir Singh, GeneSiC PDF
Integration of Ultracapacitor (UCAP) with STATCOM for Improved System Fault Performance Mesut Baran, NCSU PDF

Wednesday September 26

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Session #12: Innovations in Energy Storage Systems I

Title Presenter PDF
Electrochemical Capacitor Characterization for Electric Utility Applications Stan Atcitty, SNL PDF
A 25 MW Pulse Power Modulator Based on SMES Technology Rainer Gehring, Institute for Technical Physics PDF
Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Layout for Improved Efficiency Martha Schreiber, Funktionswerkstoffe F & E GmbH PDF
Third Generation Redox Flow Battery Mereille Schreurs, KEMA PDF

Session #13: Innovations in Energy Storage Systems II

Title Presenter PDF
High Power Flywheels With Super Conducting Bearings – Design Considerations and Experiences W.R. Canders, IMAB PDF
Advances in Energy-Efficient Power Quality and Energy Storage Mike Lasky, Pentadyne PDF
Design and First Test Results of a Superconducting Magnetically Borne Flywheel Energy Storage System of 10 kWh and 250 kW Gerhard Reiner, L-3 Communications PDF

Session #14: Innovations in Energy Storage Systems III

Title Presenter PDF
High Power and High Energy Wafer Cell Nickel Metal Hydride and Li-Ion Batteries for Utility and Transportation Applications James Landi, EEI PDF
Review Of CAES Systems Development and Current Innovations that Could Bring Commercialization to Fruition Lee Kosla, Pearl Street, Inc PDF
Wind Integrated Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) –Developing Case Study in Colorado Richard Moutoux, UC-Boulder PDF