2020 Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2020 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held Sept. 29-Oct. 1.

Most presentations are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Visit the 2020 Peer Review website


Tuesday, September 29

Presentation Presenter Organization
Welcome, and Webinar Details Howard Passell SNL, Peer Review Coordinator
Welcome Carol Adkins Director, Secure Energy and Earth Systems Center, SNNL
Welcome Imre Gyuk Director, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
Welcome Bruce Walker Assistant Secretary, DOE Office of Electricity
SNL Introduction Babu Chalamala SNL Energy Storage Program
PNNL Introduction Vince Sprenkle PNNL Energy Storage Program
ORNL Introduction Michael Starke ORNL Energy Storage Program
Keynote Speaker Mike Gravely Team Leader, Energy Research and Development Division, California Energy Commission
Session Summary — Power Electronics Stan Atcitty SNL
Efficient Power Electronics Enabled by 3.3kV Silicon Carbide Switches Ranbir Singh GeneSiC Semiconductor
GaN Enabled Efficient Plug-And-Play Battery Energy Storage System Alex Huang UT Austin
GaN-Based Inverters for Grid-Tied Energy Storage Systems Medhi Ferdowsi Innocit
Roundtable — Grid Modernization Charlie Hanley Senior Manager, Grid Modernization, SNL
Reliability Studies of Wide-Bandgap Power Semiconductor Devices Under Realistic Stress Conditions Robert Kaplar SNL
Predicting Reliability, Improving Safety and Resiliency in Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage Systems Raja Kaushik University of Houston
Development of a 100kW Secondary Use Energy Storage System Michael Starke ORNL
Roundtable — Innovative Projects Ben Schenkman R&D Electrical Engineer, SNL
Session Summary — Reliability, Codes, & Standards Charlie Vartanian Senior Technical Advisor, PNNL
Li-Ion Battery State of Health Electrothermal Model Alasdair Crawford PNNL
Reliability Assessment of Li-Ion Battery Single Cells Under Grid Services Daiwon Choi PNNL
Reliability Performance Testing of kW Scale Modules at PNNL Ed Thomsen PNNL
EPRI/PNNL Reliability Data Project Update Steve Willard EPRI/PNNL
Keynote Speaker Lola Infante Senior Advisor, External Relations and Strategic Initiatives Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Wrap-Up Imre Gyuk Director, DOE OE ES Programs

Wednesday, September 30

Presentation Presenter Organization
Welcome and Day 1 Recap Imre Gyuk Director, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
Keynote Speaker Kelly Speakes-Backman Chief Executive Officer Energy Storage Association (ESA)
Session Summary — Safety Joshua Lamb Principal Member of the Technical Staff, SNL
Development of Thermal Runaway Risk Database Hsin Wang ORNL
Material Science-Based Predictions of Single-Cell Thermal Failures Randy Shurtz SNL
Long Term Safety and Reliability of Li-Ion Cells Yuliya Preger SNL
Energy Storage Safety Collaborative – Update 2020 Matt Paiss PNNL
Roundtable — Beyond Li-Ion, and Long Duration Storage Imre Gyuk Director, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
Thermal Analysis to Mitigate Cascading Propagation of Lithium-Ion Cell Stacks John Hewson SNL
Mitigation of Failure Propagation Through Active Cooling: A Model Based Experimental Design Loraine Torres-Castro SNL
System Level Safety Design and Planning David Rosewater SNL
Session Summary — Equitable Regulatory Environment Jeremy Twitchell Energy Research Analyst, PNNL
Regulatory Commission Engagement Howard Passell SNL
Policy Analysis Will McNamara SNL
Roundtable — The Technology-Policy Nexus Will McNamara/ Jeremy Twitchell Grid Energy Storage Analyst, SNL/Energy Research Analyst, PNNL
Session Summary — Zinc Batteries Timothy Lambert SNL
From Concept Through Product to Market: Rechargeable Zinc Manganese Dioxide Batteries Sanjoy Banerjee CCNY
Engineering an Aqueous Energy Dense Manganese Dioxide|Zinc Battery to Challenge Lithium- Ion’s Dominance Yadav Gautam UEP
Operando Studies to Enumerate the Electrochemical Phase Transformations of MnO2 Joshua Gallaway Northeastern University
Advanced Aqueous Zn Batteries Xiaolin Li PNNL
Mechanistic Probes of Zinc Anode Aqueous Electrolyte Batteries Esther Takeuchi Stony Brook University
Keynote Speaker Bill Acker Executive Director, NY Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST)
Wrap-Up Imre Gyuk Director, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program

Thursday, October 1

Presentation Presenter Organization
Welcome and Day 2 Recap Imre Gyuk Director, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
Keynote Speaker Terry Boston Director, Grid Protection Alliance
Session Summary — Flow Batteries Wei Wang Chief Scientist, PNNL
Higher Voltage Iron Bipyridines for Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Battery Travis Anderson SNL
Phenazine-Based Anolyte Materials in Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Aaron Hollas PNNL
Ambient Temperature Non-Aqueous Sulfide Based Redox Flow Batteries and Membrane Development Jagjit Nanda Jagjit Nanda
Advanced Membranes for Flow Batteries Cy Fujimoto SNL
Towards Building Optimal Electrolytes for Pb-Acid Battery Through Tunable Solvation Chemistry Vijayakumar Murugesan PNNL
Roundtable — Electrification Richard Fioravanti Director, Transportation Electrification, Quanta Technology
Flow Battery Capacity Fade and Power Density With Redox-Active Aqueous-Soluble Organics Michael Aziz Harvard/PNNL
Probing Components and Durability in Redox Flow Batteries Tom Zawodzinski ORNL
Session Summary — Sodium Batteries Erik Spoerke Energy Storage Materials Thrust Lead, SNL
Low Temperature Molten Sodium Batteries Leo Small SNL
Multi-Scale Characterization of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Sodium Ion Conductors Ryan Hill University of Kentucky
Advanced Intermediate Temperature Sodium-Metal Halide (Na-Mh) Batteries for Grid Storage Application Guosheng Li PNNL
Advanced Na-Ion Battery: Progress Towards Co-Free Cathodes Biwei Xiao PNNL
Engineering Routes Towards Synthesis and Performance of Layered Oxide Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries David Wood ORNL
Perspectives and Strategies of Developing Long Duration and Seasonal Energy Storage Technologies for Improving Grid Resiliency and Reliability Guosheng Li PNNL
Roundtable — Recycling & Re-Use Jeffrey Spangenberger Materials Recycling Group Leader, Argonne National Lab
Session Summary — Analytics Ray Byrne SNL
Evaluation of Energy Storage as Transmission Assets Storage Tu Nguyen SNL
Energy Storage Finance Summits and Pricing Survey Richard Baxter Mustang Prairie Energy
Sizing Behind-The-Meter Energy Storage and Solar for Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Stations Rodrigo Trevizan SNL
MASCORE: A Web-Based Tool for Microgrid Asset Sizing Considering Cost and Resilience Di Wu PNNL
Realization of Energy Storage Economic Benefits: Managing Changes in Real Time Jan Alam PNNL
Keynote Speaker Ralph Masiello Industry Advisor, Quanta Technology
Wrap-Up Imre Gyuk Director, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program

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