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Carlee Ashley Joins Bioenergy & Defense Technologies


Carlee Ashley joined the Bioenergy & Defense Technologies group in October of 2013. Carlee was previously a Truman Fellow in the Biotechnology & Bioengineering group at Sandia. Her work in nanobiology focuses on developing nanoparticles, such as virus-like-particles and protocells, for drug delivery and other medical applications. Carlee's research has been featured on the cover of Nature Materials. In her new position, Carlee will continue to advance the development of nanomaterials for applications important to our nation's interest.



Bioenergy and Defense Research Featured on Albuquerque News

In April and May of this year (2013), Albuquerque news stations highlighted two research projects from Sandia's Bioenergy and Defense Technologies department. Research by Jason Harper and Bryan Carson on the development of devices for detecting biological threats was featured on KRQE, and the algal biofuels research conducted by Jeri Timlin and Aaron Collins was discussed on KOB. Check out these links to read more about these projects and to see video of the news segments which were aired previously.

Anne Ruffing: New Staff Member in Bioenergy & Defense Technologies


In 2010, Anne Ruffing joined the Bioenergy & Defense Technologies group at Sandia as a Truman Fellow. Upon completing her fellowship in January of 2013, Anne converted to a permanent position as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff. Anne's work focuses on the application of genetic engineering for the production of advanced biofuels from photosynthetic microorganisms. Anne looks forward to continuing this work in her new position as well as exploring new avenues of research, such as the development of biosensors for biodefense applications.

Sandia Press Release Highlights Cyanobacterial Fuel Production

On January 7th, 2013, Sandia Labs News issued a press release detailing the research of Anne Ruffing, a Truman Fellow in Bioenergy & Defense Technologies. The press release details the need for alternative and renewable energy sources and discusses how Anne is striving to fulfill this need by engineering cyanobacteria for fuel production. This press release was also featured in other scientific media outlets, including R&D Magazine and ScienceDaily.


Mike Kent Celebrates 20 Years at Sandia

In March (2012), the Department of Bioenegy & Defense Technologies celebrated Mike Kent’s 20th year at Sandia. Mike first started in the Materials Science and Engineering division at Sandia and joined the Biosciences division at its inception, about 6 years ago. Mike’s successful career at Sandia has yielded more than 60 publications, including a series of papers on the structure of polymer brushes, the development of neutron reflection to interrogate the structures of lipid-associated proteins and to study the structure of crosslinked polymers, and recently, advancing the understanding of enzymatic cellulose hydrolysis. After 20 years of service to the nation, Mike looks forward to each day at Sandia as an opportunity to “work with exceptional people on problems that are important to the nation.”

Mike Kent


Jason Harper joins Bioenergy & Defense Technologies


Bioenergy & Defense Technologies welcomes a new staff scientist to the group, Jason Harper. While Jason is new to the group, he is not new to Sandia. Prior to joining the group in January, he worked in the Biosensors and Nanomaterials group at Sandia. Jason has been very productive at Sandia, authoring over 20 publications. His work focuses on biomaterials applications including microfabrication techniques, cell immobilization, microneedle sensors, and electrode arrays. Jason applies these techniques to investigate enzymes, single cells, and cellular communities. Jason's expertise is a valuable addition to the group.


Meet Jim Carney: New Manager for Bioenergy & Defense Technologies

Jim comes to Sandia with a deep technical and managerial track record. Before joining us, Jim was the Branch Chief for Biochemistry at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), where he managed a team of technical staff with a focus on detection and diagnostics technologies and countermeasure development.  Jim has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry and his research has been most recently in the development and characterization of immunodetection reagents for the DoD Critical Reagents program. Before joining ECBC, Jim was an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, where his lab focused on characterizing the structure and function of the Mre11/Rad50/Nbs1 DNA repair complex.
Jim Carney


Biodefense Research Featured in Sandia Lab News

Jesse Aaron, Jeri Timlin, and Bryan Carson are featured in Sandia LabNews for the development of new technology for imaging Yersinia pestis (i.e. the causative agent of plague). This research and other superresolution imaging capabilities under development are discussed in the article "Sandia researchers unlock secrets of plague with stunning new imaging techniques" in the May 6th issue of Sandia LabNews.

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