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Operation Backpack

New Mexico volunteers pose with donated backpacks
PACK TO SCHOOL — New Mexico employees show off some of the backpacks donated during this year’s Operation Backpack event.  (Photo by Randy Montoya)
volunteer loads SUV with backpacks to donate
LEADER OF THE PACK — Sandia/California employees donated 55 backpacks to support Bay Area military families during this year’s Operation Backpack event.  (Photo by Rachel Sowell)

Thanks to the generous donations of Sandia employees, 240 backpacks were donated this year to the children of military families at Kirtland Air Force Base and 55 backpacks were donated to the children of Bay Area military families in California.

Operation Backpack was launched at Sandia’s California campus several years ago for the greater Bay Area military bases and has enjoyed robust participation since.

This year, the community involvement team along with Sandia’s military support committees brought the campaign to Albuquerque to benefit KAFB families.