Version 2.5.0 – 2009/01/14

Added methods to compute derivatives of travel time with respect to source location. New methods are:

  • get_dtt_dlat(double& dtt_dlat)
  • get_dtt_dlon(double& dtt_dlon)
  • get_dtt_ddepth(double& dtt_ddepth)
  • getSlowness(double& slowness)
  • getSlownessUncertainty(double& slownessUncertainty)

Renamed method getUncertainty() to getTravelTimeUncertainty().

I also added methods to compute derivatives of slowness with respect to lat, lon and depth:

  • get_dsh_dlat(double& dsh_dlat)
  • get_dsh_dlon(double& dsh_dlon)
  • get_dsh_ddepth(double& dsh_ddepth)

but then commented them out because they produce slowness derivatives that are invalid. See file SLBM_RootdocSLBM_derivatives.pdf (the same directory as this file). I will fix these derivatives in a future version and make these methods available at that time.

All the files specifying travel time uncertainty as a function of distance were renamed. In previous versions, these files were named Uncertainty_[Pn|Sn|Pg|Lg].txt. They have been renamed Uncertainty_[Pn|Sn|Pg|Lg]_TT.txt in this release. Files containing slowness uncertainty were added to the same directories with names Uncertainty_[Pn|Sn|Pg|Lg]_Sh.txt. These files were populated with slowness uncertainty values suggested by Steve Myers.