Modified PGL TauP and SLBM code to utilize identical object definitions. This included: a) modifications to SLBM to wrap all of its objects into the single namespace “SLBM”; b) modifications to PGL/SLBM to wrap all TauP objects into a new namespace “taup”; c) modifications to PGL/SLBM to wrap all utility objects used by both applications into a new namespace “util”; d) renaming of the SLBM BaseObject.h include file in SLBM to BaseGlobals.h; e) splitting of the BaseGlobals.h class into a non-namespaced basic definition which keeps the BaseGlobals name and a new SLBMGlobals.h file containing the specific definitions required by SLBM; f) the renaming of the PGL StandardDefines.h file to PGLGlobals.h; g) the removal of base definitions from PGLGlobals.h and the inclusion of BaseGlobals.h in PGL; h) a new TauPGlobals.h file used by the “taup” namespace; i) and a new UtilGlobals.h used by the “util” namespace.

Each specific XXGlobal.h file contains a windows definition for the DLL import/export tag along with any specific defintions (beyond BaseGlobals.h) required by the namespace.

The “taup” namespace now includes the objects TPVelocityModels, TauPSiteFunctionals, TauPSite, and TauPModel (used by PGL only). The “util” namespace now includes MD50, Brents, and IntegrateFunction objects. Once the DataBuffer object in PGL is split into a new DataBufferDB object and the base functionality included in the SLBM DataBuffer object, then the low level DataBuffer object will also become part of the “util” namespace.