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Safety class is still in session

instructor stands by as student operates forklift
REACH FOR THE SKY — Safety instructor John Milloway, left, provides guidance as Kimberly Massey controls a rough terrain forklift.

Even during a pandemic, required safety courses must go on. While many trainings have moved to virtual platforms, some classes just can’t be computer-based. For example, rough terrain forklift training isn’t effective without the forklift and the terrain. 

Since March, Sandia’s Environment, Safety & Health training teams have made changes to safety classes to accommodate social distancing and masking guidelines. They also have added more course sessions to accommodate smaller class sizes while making sure that employees can maintain their certifications.

man in safety harness
STRAPPED IN — John Bauer wears a safety harness required for operating heavy equipment.

“Many of these classes are required for our workforce to perform their job functions, and we didn’t want to turn anyone away from these essential safety trainings,” said John Milloway, safety engineering technologist and one of Sandia’s instructors.

Other types of classes that continue to be offered following COVID-19 safe practices include fall prevention and protection, crane and rigging, aerial lift operations, radiological worker training and CPR.

man drives scissor lift on slalom course
TURN, TURN, TURN — John Bauer navigates a scissor lift through a slalom course.