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New Mexico Middle School Science Bowl

Innovative program honored for science outreach

BUZZERS READY? – More than 100 middle school students from schools across the state competed in Science Bowl on Jan. 23. Science Bowl features science and math questions in a lightning-fast quiz-bowl format.

More than two dozen Sandia volunteers read questions, kept score, and tracked time at the full-day event hosted at Albuquerque’s Highland High School. Albuquerque Academy took first, Eisenhower Middle School in Albuquerque took second, and Los Alamos Middle School took third.

Lily, from the winning Albuquerque Academy team, says her favorite part of Science Bowl is “the satisfaction when you win. And you learn a lot of strategy.”

Gaby, from Immanuel Lutheran’s JV team, says her favorite part is “getting to hang out with my friends.”

The New Mexico High School Science Bowl will be held Feb. 27 and the DOE-hosted national competition is held in Washington, D.C., April 30 through May 4.

Are you smarter than a Science Bowl student?

  1. What is the mathematical term for coplanar lines that never intersect?
  2. What specific structure is most directly responsible for the motility of bacteria?
  3. Most nuclear reactors in the US use what element as their fuel for fission?

Answers: Parallel; Flagellum or Flagella; Uranium or U-235

CA winning team
The California Regional Middle School winning team from William Hopkins Junior High School in Fremont, California.