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New Mexico Middle School Science Bowl

More than 100 middle school students from schools across the state competed in Science Bowl on Jan. 23.

Grid modernization

Sandia is leading the Security and Resilience area of DOE’s Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium and bringing its strong research capability in grid modernization to help the nation modernize its power grid.

Making waves

Sandia's water power technology group will provide critical expertise in computational modelling to companies on the forefront of the emerging marine hydrokinetics industry, thanks to a $10.5 million dollar award from DOE.

Ice sheet modeling of Greenland, Antarctica helps predict sea-level rise

A team of Sandia researchers has been improving computational models that describe ice sheet behavior and dynamics. The research is part of a five-year project called Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales.

Sandians win Black Engineer of the Year awards

Sandia recruiter Ken Holley has won a BEYA Community Service award and researcher Conrad James has won a BEYA Special Recognition award.

Decon, bombs, and above and beyond

Sandia won the national Federal Laboratory Consortium’s (FLC) 2016 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for a decontamination product that neutralizes chemical and biological agents and for software that helps emergency responders more effectively disable improvised explosive devices (IEDs). And business development specialist Bianca Thayer (8549) was named Outstanding Technology Transfer Professional of 2016.

Nondestructive Testing: Sandia looks inside composites

Sandia’s developing nondestructive ways to detect damage in composites, using traditional medical inspection techniques such as X-rays and sonograms and advanced methods including infrared imaging, ultrasonic spectroscopy and computed tomography.