Meet the CMC Core Team


CMC Leadership guides efforts to facilitate scientific engagement for global security in the 21st century.

Amir Mohagheghi
Managing Director
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Adriane Littlefield
Deputy Managing Director
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Cassie Gale
Operations Manager
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Regional Leads

CMC Regional Leads promote science-driven collaboration by facilitating location-specific dialogues, supporting training engagements, and leading cooperative research studies on counterproliferation topics.

Sue Caskey
South Asia
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Carlos Rodriguez Cruz y Celis
East Asia
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Sara Beth Marchert
Europe, Russia, NIS
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Alex C. Walser
Middle East, Africa
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Ryan Whalen
Western Hemisphere
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Engagement Leads

CMC Engagement Leads support CMC engagement with visitors, speakers, and visiting research scholars.

Jason Bolles
Technical Demonstration Lead
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Kristen Reynolds
Communications Lead
Darleine Barboa
VRS Coordinator