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Bioenergy & Defense

Stephen M. Anthony, Ph.D.

Biographical Information - Current Research Projects - Software - Publications

Senior Member of the Technical Staff
Bioenergy and Defense Technologies Department

(505) 845-9382

Research Interests

Optical microscopy

Hyperspectral imaging

Super-resolution techniques

Single particle tracking

Image analysis

Machine Learning

Multivariate classification studying the spatiotemporal dynamics of cellular processes

Biographical Information

Stephen Anthony joined the Bioenergy and Defense Technologies department at Sandia in September 2013 and converted to a technical staff position in June 2015. Stephen’s recent work has focused on translating techniques from the fields of physics and computer science to applications for biological problems, primarily focusing on optics and image analysis. His research includes the development of improved spot detection algorithms for detecting low signal-to-noise ratio particles and investigating the effects of aberrations on particle localization in biological systems.

Stephen Anthony earned bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Physics from Rice University in 2003. While there, Stephen conducted research into the photophysical properties of fullerene derivatives. During his graduate studies at the University of Illinois, Stephen helped pioneer the field of Janus particles (heterogeneous colloids) as optically accessible probes of translational and rotational microscale dynamics. He also obtained experimental evidence of the limits of validity of the Tube Model, the standard understanding of polymer dynamics. As a crucial component of this research, Stephen developed image analysis algorithms including a particle-tracking algorithm which allows robust tracking of intermittent and low signal-to-noise particle observations. Stephen received a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois in 2010.  

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Current Research Projects

PI - Unmasking Hidden Compounds within Hyperspectral Images
The combination of hyperspectral microscopy with multivariate curve resolution (MCR) algorithms allows the spatially-resolved determination of the concentrations of individual components. However, the existing MCR algorithms have a number of limitations making them ill-suited for the simultaneous analysis of weak signals obscured by stronger ones. In order to handle detection at the limit, Stephen is developing new MCR algorithms to overcome issues of spectral mixing and include rigorous uncertainty quantification. Meanwhile, Stephen is also configuring a hyperspectral microscope based upon stimulated emission depletion (STED) super-resolution microscopy to allow excitation-emission mapping and minimize autofluorescence contributions. By simultaneously customizing both the microscope and algorithms, each will be tailored to best make use of the other. This work is funded through Sandia’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program.

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Sandia Hyperspectral Upper-Bound Spectrum Version 1.0 (2016)

Sandia Simple Particle Tracking Version 1.0 (2014)

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Journal Articles

Chambers, M.; Mallory, S.A.; Malone, H.; Gao, Y.; Anthony, S.M.; Yi, Y.; Cacciuto, A.; Yu, Y., Lipid Membrane-Assisted Condensation and Assembly of Amphiphilic Janus Particles. Soft Matter, 2016, 12, 9151-9157.

Collins, A.M.; Timlin, J.A.; Anthony, S.M.; Montano, G.A., Amphiphilic block copolymers as flexible membrane materials generating structural and functional mimics of green bacterial antenna complexes. Nanoscale, 2016, 8, 15056-15063.

Sanchez, L.; Patton, P.; Anthony, S. M.; Yi, Y.; Yu, Y., Tracking Single-Particle Rotation During Macrophage Uptake. Soft Matter, 2015, 11, 5346-5352.

Anthony, S. M.; Yu, Y., Tracking Single Particle Rotation: Probing Dynamics in Four Dimensions. Analytical Methods. 2015, 7, 7020-7028.

Chen, B.; Jia, Y.; Gao, Y.; Sanchez, L.; Anthony, S.M.; Yu, Y., Janus particles as artificial antigen-presenting cells for T cell Activation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2014, 6, 18435.

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Kim, M.; Anthony, S. M.; Granick, S., Isomeric Colloidal Clusters with Shape-Dependent Mobility. Soft Matter 2009, 5, 81-83.

Anthony, S. M.; Kim, M.; Granick, S., Translation-Rotation Decoupling of Colloidal Clusters of Various Symmetry. Journal of Chemical Physics 2008, 129, 244701.

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Yu, Y.; Anthony, S. M.; Zhang, L. F.; Bae, S. C.; Granick, S., Cationic nanoparticles stabilize zwitterionic liposomes better than anionic ones. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2007, 111, 8233-8236.

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Wong, J. S.; Bae, S. C.; Anthony, S.; Zhu, Y. X.; Granick, S., Comment on "Superlubricity: A paradox about confined fluids resolved" - Reply. Physical Review Letters 2006, 96, 099602.

Anthony, S. M.; Bachilo, S. M.; Weisman, R. B., Comparative photophysics of C61H2 isomers. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2003, 107, (49), 10674-10679.

Book Chapters

Anthony, S.M.; Kim, M., Janus Particle Localization and Tracking for Studies of Particle Dynamics. In S. Jiang & S. Granick (Eds.), Janus Particle Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Applications. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2012.

Anthony, S.M.; Carroll-Portillo, A.; Timlin, J.A., Dynamics and Interactions of Individual Proteins in the Membrane of Living Cells. In Anup K. Singh (Ed.) Single Cell Protein Analysis Methods in Molecular Biology. Spinger 2015, 185-207

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