Emergency Announcements & Alerts

How can Sandians stay informed of emergencies, weather delays, closures, and other alerts?

Messages will be delivered in several ways, starting with Sandia email, so employees can choose which sources they prefer to monitor. Sources include:

  • Sandia email
  • Sandia Bulletin Board (Dial 845-6789, option 5)
  • Alert banners on Sandia’s external homepage, www.sandia.gov, and internal Sandia TechWeb
  • News coverage through local television and radio stations
  • Sandia Facebook, facebook.com/SandiaLabs, and
  • Sandia Twitter, twitter.com/SandiaLabs
  • Sandia Kirtland Radio at 1640 AM

Additional info CA specific:

  • Sandia CA Emergency Newsline (925) 294-3333