RES Speaker Series

The RES Mission Campaign Speaker Series serves as a forum to build broader awareness of the Mission Campaign to both internal & external personnel and to bring together a community of thought leaders in Energy Resilience research.

Solid-State Transformer Technology

Watch Video Presentation: Maturation & Tech Transfer of Sandia’s Low-Modulation-Index 3-Phase Solid State Transformer Technology

SST Technology

About Project: Solid-state transformer (SST) technology continues to be the subject of intensive research, building on work over the past 15 years. SST technology is vitally important to both grid modernization and future grid resilience. However, SSTs cannot replace conventional transformers and be successfully commercialized until they can simultaneously meet several demanding application requirements. Sandia’s “low modulation-index 3-phase solid-state transformer (LMI3-SST)” technology is intended to address current obstacles to wide-spread adoption and provide the first commercially viable SST circuit topology.

REDLY: Resilience Enhancements Through Deep Learning Yields

Watch Video Presentation: Resilience Enhancements Through Deep Learning Yields

About Project: The nation’s electrical grid is not infallible to threats leading to interrupted service or physical damage. REDLY is developing scalable methods to provide improved monitoring, prediction, and mitigation of these threats. Our approach focuses on physics-informed machine learning techniques that are robust to missing or falsified data due to cyber activities. Optimization-based methods are being developed to improve and utilize these classifiers and provide rapid mitigation.