Portfolio of Projects

The Mission Campaign is organized around three technical thrusts answering fundamental questions that are relevant to improving resilience among U.S. energy systems and other critical infrastructures. An integrated portfolio of projects across these three thrusts will result in a cohesive set of capabilities that can be harvested by all missions across Sandia and the Nation.

Thrust 1: Science of Vulnerabilities

Hallucinating Canaries creates cyber-redundant
systems that detect cyber-attacks on field devices,
at the point of the attack, and capture artifacts to
understand attack mechanisms and impacts.

Thrust 2: Materials, Device, & Cyber Innovation

Novel material solution to achieve nanosecond responsive filters for EMP protection.

Discover new soft ferrite materials and find the conditions for synthesis through AI.

Thrust 3: System-Level Threat-Informed Computational Science

Using physics-informed/constrained machine learning techniques, develop scalable methods that provide operators with situational awareness and operate-through capabilities to protect the grid against physical damage and interrupted service caused by cyber threats.

Provides a new capability to examine infrastructure vulnerabilities at scale.

SHAZAM is a technique for controlling power system
line and load relays to enable power systems
with geographically dispersed power electronics based
sources to be self-healing following major
disruptions, without the need for high-speed
networked communications.

Contact us: resilience@sandia.gov