Resilient Energy Systems Mission Campaign

Coordinated R&D to increase the resilience of our nation’s energy and critical infrastructure systems

What is Resilient Energy Systems

The Resilient Energy Systems (RES) Mission Campaign is a 7 year; $40 million research investment focused on science and technology that will enable more resilient U.S. energy and other critical infrastructure systems.

The Mission Campaign seeks to build on decades of stakeholder engagement and internal investments to add real-world value both near and long term to address threats, man-made or naturally occurring, to our nation’s energy and critical infrastructure.

Key Research Highlights

Vulnerability Emulation Platform

Vulnerability to fire assessment software

Transformer Protection Solutions

More EMP resistant Materials

Topological architectural design models

Technical Research Thrusts

RES seeks to develop tools to assess vulnerabilities and risk, then develop mitigating materials, devices, and cyber technologies to create future resilient system designs. RES will also develop the tools to optimize the typologies needed to deploy those solutions. The RES MC spans a variety of S&T disciplines, from fundamental materials science to regional-scale system modeling and analysis.

Project Portfolio

The Mission Campaign is organized around three technical thrusts answering fundamental questions that are relevant to improving resilience among U.S. energy systems and other critical infrastructures. An integrated portfolio of projects across these three thrusts will result in a cohesive set of capabilities that can be harvested by all missions across Sandia and the Nation.

RES Testbed

The Resilient Energy Systems Testbed (REST) provides a demonstrator system to prove out capabilities emerging from the project portfolio. REST helps the Mission Campaign consider the real world and achieve practical results. It enables testing of new technologies, and provides a pathway from “idea to industry” by identifying and coordinating test and demonstration capabilities to bring research closer to commercial readiness.


The Resilient Energy Systems Mission Campaign values interaction with the external community. We look forward to partnering with industry, academia, national labs, and other government agencies whose technical competencies align with the research of the Mission Campaign. Our partners can expect value, collaboration, expertise, new ideas, access to state of the art facilities, and the discovery of new technologies.


Resilient Energy Systems Mission Campaign

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