Resilience at Sandia

Sandia National Laboratories works directly with federal sponsors, cities, electric utilities, and other stakeholders to develop strategies for improving the resilience of our nation. Sandia’s capabilities in modeling, designing, optimizing, and analyzing infrastructures and social systems converge toward helping planners suggest and quantitatively evaluate resilience-enabling technologies such as advanced micro grids, energy storage, and transportation electrification from a city-wide to a nation-wide scale.

Resilience Capabilities


Sandia’s breadth of energy work creates unique and impactful synergies. Our capabilities address a range of resilience threats to the grid and other critical infrastructure. Integration of our effective capabilities create solutions for a secure, resilient energy future; these capabilities include:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Resilience Analysis Frameworks
  • New Technologies
  • User Facilities
Resilience Applications


Sandia goes beyond the basics of energy when it comes to modernization and resilience. Infrastructure, cyber, and economic defenses should be put into place to build energy resilience and capabilities. Sandia provides resilience strength across a variety of sectors, including: Government Facilities, Dams, Food & Agriculture, Public Health, Financial Services, Information Technology, Communications, Emergency Services, Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Waste, Commercial Facilities and Transportation.

Resilience Frameworks

Sandia has been instrumental in developing specific frameworks to understand and address resilience needs for many situations

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