Andy McIlroy

Andy McIlroy

As the Associate Labs Director for Integrated Security Solutions at Sandia National Laboratories, Andrew McIlroy provides leadership and management direction for Sandia’s California Laboratory and the Energy and Earth Systems Center, which includes staff in New Mexico, Texas and Alaska. In addition, he has primary responsibility for Sandia’s Energy and Homeland Security mission portfolio, as well as for California weapon systems engineering.

Andy arrived at Sandia in 1991 as a postdoctoral researcher in chemical kinetics and laser diagnostics at the Combustion Research Facility. He then joined The Aerospace Corporation in the Propulsion and Environmental Chemistry section. In 1997, Andy returned to Sandia as a technical staff member in the Combustion Chemistry and Diagnostics department. He moved into management in Sandia’s Transportation Energy Center, serving as manager for both the Combustion Chemistry and Diagnostics department and the Reacting Flows Research department, senior manager for Chemical Sciences and acting director of the Materials Science Center.

As senior manager for Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC) Development, Andy developed the physical and operational infrastructure for LVOC, a joint initiative of Sandia and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to create a transparently accessible, common campus to foster enhanced interactions with domestic and international industrial and academic partners. Andy also created new programs to take advantage of the LVOC.

Subsequently, Andy became senior manager for Science-Enabled Engineering, overseeing computational and experimental work in mechanical, structural and thermal engineering for national security applications. He also led the verification and validation element of Sandia’s Advanced Simulation and Computing program. After being promoted to director of Research Strategy and Partnership and Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Andy led Sandia’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program, academic and industrial partnerships, and technology transfer programs.

Andy received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with honors and distinction from Harvey Mudd College and a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Colorado. He co-chaired the DOE Basic Research Needs Workshop for Clean and Efficient Combustion of 21st-Century Transportation Fuels, coordinated the DOE Workshop on Predictive Simulation for Internal Combustion Engines and has authored 40 peer-reviewed journal articles.