Media B-roll

Sandia Overview

Sandia sign Sandia Overview B-roll (MP4, 129 MB): Sandia administration, buildings, signs for any story about Sandia. Covers main research areas, including the Z pulsed-power facility, the Annular Core Research Reactor, the Microsystems & Engineering Sciences Applications, or MESA, complex, high performance computing, the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, additive manufacturing, environmental testing facilities and robotics.

Environmental Test Facilities

flamesEnvironmental Test Facilities B-roll (MP4, 113 MB): Sandia’s environmental test facilities, including the Large Centrifuge Facility, Thermal Test Complex, mechanical shock facility and more. 


Z Pulsed Power Facility

Inside Z machineZ Pulsed Power Facility B-roll (MP4, 65 MB): Sandia’s Z pulsed-power facility, including shots of cleaning the Z machine, technologists preparing a target for a fusion experiment, aligning the neutron time of flight diagnostics, the control room and a shot.