Sandia LabNews

Scorpius images to test nuclear stockpile simulations

Underground football-field-sized machine with a key piece of Sandia tech expected to be up and running in 2027.

Wearable sensor system tracks levels of ‘last line of defense’ antibiotic

Jill Hruby Fellow leads team that develops a painless monitoring patch.

Labs director signs annual stockpile assessment letter

Yearlong evaluation process verifies safety, reliability of non-nuclear components.

Beyond Bennu: How OSIRIS-REx is helping scientists study the sonic signature of meteoroids

Scientists hope data will improve detection of hypersonic objects.

Sandia equal employment opportunity specialist named Aspen Ideas Fellow

The honor recognizes select professionals for their ability to transform ideas into action.

Healthy at Hardin

Event brings colleagues together to commemorate the close of the fiscal year.

Volunteers pick thousands of pounds of apples to help feed New Mexicans

Family-friendly outreach project aims to reduce food insecurity locally.