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Tour of California

The California site has changed much in just the last few years, adding capabilities and amenities that allow the Integrated Security Solutions division to perform a greater quantity of work at a higher level and ensure Sandians in Livermore have a better quality of life while on campus.

The photos on these pages represent a few of the upgrades and changes now present at Sandia California.

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HEAVY DUTY — Rajavasanth Rajasegar, left, and Taesong Lee align a laser light sheet to conduct simultaneous flow-field and fuel-mixing visualization in a direct-injected hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty engine. The Heavy-Duty Optical Engine Laboratory boasts optical and laser-based diagnostic techniques to understand the processes governing efficiency and emissions formation in gaseous and liquid fueled engines for heavy-duty on-road and off-road applications. (Photo by Randy Wong)
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HISTORY — A plaque for the carefully placed wheelbarrow at Sandia California’s central plaza reads, “This antique wheelbarrow once worked the land on the south side of East Avenue that is part of what is now Sandia CA. That property was acquired in 1942 by the U.S. Government from Mr. Louis Madsen, Mr. and Mrs. John and Dora Bargman, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Sue Nissen. We are proud to display it here to remind us of the diversity that has taken place in the Livermore Valley.” (Photo by Spencer Toy)
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TESTING EVERYTHING — From left, Mike Jew, Anthony Li and Arick Jones perform shock and vibration qualification testing of the last development build of a weapon component developed at Sandia. (Photo by Spencer Toy)
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SEEING THE LIGHT — From left, Scott Bisson, Joe Bartolick and Savannah Cuozzo are shown in the Quantum Sensing and Imaging Lab, working with a squeezed-light source instrument that is being developed for quantum sensing. The team has the capability to manipulate the quantum noise statistics of light to improve upon classical capabilities for imaging or spectroscopy.
(Photo by Spencer Toy)
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HOUSE PROUD — Sandia California has redesigned and refurbished the landscaping of the Livermore site as part of the Labs’ commitment to care for the facilities the American people have granted us while also creating less need for water and other resources. (Photo by Spencer Toy)
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NATIONAL SECURITY — From left, Brett Sterneckert, Irene Bohannon and Dan Fonte tour a new W80-4 model and Mk21-Fuze exhibit, an interactive experience to learn about the Livermore Valley systems and components. (Photo by Spencer Toy)
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HEALTHY LIFE — Meghan Rogers, left, meets with registered dietitian Gina Madison to discuss her health goals. Health coaching is just one of the services available at the refurbished Life Design Center on the Livermore campus. (Photo by Spencer Toy)