Sandia LabNews

Detecting nuclear materials using light

Blueshift Optics and a former Sandia employee are working to shift the way radioactive materials are detected, using technology that he helped create while working at the Labs.

W80-4 Life Extension Program enters production engineering

The critical Life Extension Program moved into the production engineering phase of the U.S. nuclear weapons life cycle.

Finding unity, purpose in uncertain times

As conflict makes the world a more uncertain place, Andy McIlroy, director of the Integrated Security Solutions division, finds solace and inspiration in Sandia’s mission and the people who carry it out.

Little-known Sandia site center of national, international collaboration

A small but mighty team of employees in the nation’s capital connect people with federal and international partners, members of Congress and the resources they need to succeed in D.C.

Labs directors talk NNSA strategy, opportunities and risks

Labs Director James Peery joined the directors of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national labs to answer NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby’s questions about the challenges and opportunities at the labs.

Carlsbad site welcomes new leader

Greg Roselle returns to New Mexico to lead the Carlsbad site, bringing a wealth of professional and personal experience to the fore.

Tour of California

Sandia’s Livermore campus has changed a lot in the last few years, as these images of new capabilities and amenities show.

Sandia marks 20-year partnership with Department of Homeland Security

Two years after Sept. 11, the newly organized Department of Homeland Security used Sandia’s relationship with NNSA to define the future of collaboration with all national labs.

Sandia, Quest Science Center unified for community good

An East Bay organization that instills scientific excitement in young learners relies on Sandia California for support, energy and expertise to teach the next generation of researchers.