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Sandia Research is a new quarterly magazine highlighting Sandia's cutting-edge research and technology.

December 2013

Sandia Research - December 2013, Vol 1, Issue 4
“In this fourth issue of Sandia Research, we’ve assembled a number of articles to give you a window into materials science research at Sandia, and a peek at some of the high-tech tools we develop and use. You’ll also meet several of our leading materials researchers. From predicting materials performance at the nano and mesoscale to understanding hydrogen embrittlement to developing next generation semiconductor materials, our materials scientists participate in and have impact across the research-to-development-to-application spectrum.”
— Carol Adkins
Director, Materials Science Research Foundation
Sandia Research magazine
Vol. 1, Issue 4

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September 2013

Sandia Research - September 2013, Vol 1, Issue 3

"In this issue, we give readers a window into our portfolio of geoscience work that spans fundamental research to high-tech applications. The cover story shows the breadth of our research and the accompanying pieces introduce you to some of our researchers and the leading-edge projects they are working on. Geoscience expertise is essential to the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. We hope you see why in these pages."

— Marianne Walck
Director, Geoscience Research Foundation

Sandia Research magazine
Vol. 1, Issue 3

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May 2013

Sandia Research - May 2013, Vol 1, Issue 2

"Much of the current national security enterprise has come to rely on the exponential increase of computer performance commonly referred to as Moore's Law. In this issue, we give readers the opportunity to learn about the important cutting-edge work we are doing in the beyond-Moore arena. We also showcase our award-winning modeling code Xyce and discuss the many networking and interface problems our researchers are tackling."

— Robert (Rob) W. Leland
Director, Computing and Information Sciences
Research Foundation

Sandia Research magazine
Vol. 1, Issue 2 (PDF, 5.5 MB)

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January 2013

Sandia Research - January 2013, Vol 1, Issue 1

“With this issue, we are excited to debut Sandia Research as a window into the scientific work that forms the basis of our national security mission. We spotlight the cutting-edge research performed in the Labs’ seven research foundations: Bioscience, Computing and Information Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Geoscience, Materials Science, Nanodevices and Microsystems, and Radiation Effects and High Energy Density Science. In addition, readers will meet some of the talented scientists who find solutions to the critical issues facing our nation.”

— J. Stephen Rottler
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President
Science, Technology and Engineering Research Foundations

Sandia Research magazine
Vol. 1, Issue 1 (PDF, 4.4 MB)

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