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Members of the News Media: (505) 844-4902
Members of the Public: (505) 844-8066

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News Media contacts

Media Relations team

Media Relations assists print, broadcast and online news media to obtain the latest information about Sandia. The team regularly issues news releases, many of which include high-resolution images and video clips, and interactive social media applications when possible. Media may download and publish these, with credit to Sandia National Laboratories. Media Relations also responds to queries and directs members of the news media to appropriate sources within Sandia for additional information.

New Mexico

Heather Clark is the lead media contact for Sandia/New Mexico. She coordinates and responds to general news media requests for information about Sandia's work, and specializes in defense research and development, global security and nonproliferation.
Contact: (505) 844-3511;

Michelle Fleming coordinates and assists with media inquiries and visits.
Contact: (505) 844-4902;

Stephanie Holinka handles a broad range of general news media requests and specializes in energy research and development, homeland security and materials protection and threat reduction.
Contact: (505) 284-9227;

Darrick Hurst coordinates corporate web communications, and is strategist for Sandia's social media presence and editor of corporate publications.
Contact: (505) 844-8009;

Lindsey Kibler serves as the emergency public information coordinator and covers emergency management, facilities and environment, safety and health.
Contact: (505) 844-7988;

Mike Lanigan is responsible for Ask a Scientist segments.
Contact: (505) 844-2297;

Valerie Larkin specializes in helping media cover Sandia's community and educational events.
Contact: (505) 284-7879;

Mollie Rappe covers general science and technology research and development, chemical/biological threat reduction and homeland security.
Contact: (505) 844-8220;

Neal Singer covers basic research, pulsed power, high-performance computing, modeling and simulation and nanotechnology.
Contact: (505) 845-7078;

Kristen Meub covers energy research, including solar, water, geothermal, nuclear, grid, energy storage and resilience and coordinates media inquiries about Sandia's health and human resources programs.
Contact: (505) 845-7215;


Patti Koning is the manager for Sandia/California's Communications and Information Management team. She helps coordinate responses to general queries from the news media.
Contact: (925) 294-4911;

Jules Bernstein serves as a media relations specialist at Sandia/California. She covers biological and engineering sciences, homeland security and defense systems and site operations.
Contact: (925) 294-2612;

Michael Padilla serves as a media relations specialist at Sandia/California. He responds to general news media requests for information about Sandia/California and specializes in hydrogen research and development, cyber security, nuclear weapons and the Combustion Research Facility.
Contact: (925) 294-2447;