Required Forms

Military Liaison
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Please note: The forms listed below are required for enrollment in our courses. If you already accessed these forms from the Pre-Course Information page and submitted them, you do not need to re-submit.

Forms and Instructions

DOE Form

Badge Request Form

How to Submit Forms

  • Fax to 505-844-3377
  • E-Mail to (if issues with PII, e-mail the form without your Social Security Number (SSN) and follow-up with a phone call, 505-844-6334).
  • E-Mail your form using the DoD SAFE program>
  • Password protect the form.  Send form and password seperately.

Badge Request Process:  Badge Request Paperwork (Badge request form or DOE 5631.20 form) is received, badge request is submitted by Military Liaison (ML), and the Sandia badge office approves.  The process is not started until ML receives the request.

If you have access to DISS

  • Ensure the below information is listed in DISS and is ACTIVE
    • Sandia DISS Code
    • Dates of Visit
    • Purpose of Visit
    • Your Sandia POC
    • Your CNWDI Date
  • Submit the Sandia Badge Request form to ML using one of the methods listed under "How to submit forms"

If you don’t have access to DISS or you have an Interim Clearance

Submit a DOE Form 5631.20 to BOTH of the following: