Sandia/California’s unique location at the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area means that employees can choose from a wide range of housing options and prices to fit their needs while maintaining a reasonable daily commute.

Those who prefer urban environments can live in San Francisco or Oakland, while those seeking more affordable housing options often turn east toward San Joaquin County and the Central Valley. And Sandia’s proximity to Silicon Valley makes it very easy for dual-career couples to find jobs and housing convenient for both spouses.

Of course, many Sandians also choose to live in the Tri-Valley area, which encompasses the cities of Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville. These cities offer all the benefits of the suburbs — great schools, open space, quaint downtowns, convenient shopping, low crime rates, and easy access to cultural and recreational opportunities in the cities, on the beaches, and in the mountains.

Top 15 hometowns of Sandia/California employees

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