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National Engineers Week

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RISE AND GRIND — In preparation for a series of 300-foot blast tube proficiency tests, technologist T.J. King welds a portion of the tube on a September morning.

Engineers make it happen at Sandia. In honor of National Engineers Week, which is hosted by the National Society of Professional Engineers and runs Feb. 18-24, Lab News selected a few recent photos of excellent engineering happening around the Labs.

This year’s theme Welcome to the Future centers on paving the way for a brighter and more diverse future in engineering. This goal is shared by Sandia’s community involvement team and volunteers who aim to inspire the future of engineering through their efforts.

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HERE COMES THE SUN — Scientist Angelique Montgomery places perovskite modules under LED lights that simulate the sun with a flash of light during a reliability test.
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DOWN THE WELL — From left to right, electronics engineer Alfred Cochrane, electromechanical technologist Taylor Myers and mechanical engineer Melanie Schneider position a downhole acoustic transceiver and energy harvesting tool before lowering it into a well.
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ROAD INSPECTION — Sandian David Castillo is shown Jefferson Middle School Team 3’s vehicle by Dash Benz, middle, and Alfredo Conklin during the design competition of the 2023 New Mexico Electric Car Challenge on Nov. 4.