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Sandia and AWE’s strategic intent relationship

Sandia and the United Kingdom’s Atomic Weapons Establishment have a rich history of collaboration, dating back to the Manhattan Project. In March, Sandia nuclear deterrence leadership hosted AWE partners for a week of strategic intent meetings at the Labs. Through the strategic intent partnership, Sandia works with AWE to identify and develop mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration between the two organizations.

These semiannual meetings help strengthen vital relationships, increase understanding of core capabilities at both organizations and continue to build upon a collective strategic vision. As part of this year’s summit, strategic-intent teams held a poster session to share progress and next steps in 11 key areas of nuclear deterrence, such as system engineering and integration, materials and engineering transformation. The poster session was attended by AWE and Sandia executive sponsors and included other guests from the Sandia community. 

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PARTNERSHIP — Representatives from Sandia and the U.K.’s Atomic Weapons Establishment attended the March strategic intent meetings at the Labs. (Photo by Lonnie Anderson)
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SHARING KNOWLEDGE — Executives from Sandia like Deputy Labs Director Laura McGill, left, and Associate Labs Director for Nuclear Deterrence Rita Gonzales participated in the weeklong strategic intent meeting. (Photos by Lonnie Anderson)

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