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Sandia custodian Dale Vernon Marsh is longest-serving ever

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When Dale Vernon Marsh was hired on as a custodian at Sandia in 1981, Kentucky mops — the big stringy kind — were the standard and Unger mops with telescope handles had not yet been developed. A lot has changed for Sandia and for the custodial profession in the intervening 35 years  but through it all, Dale has remained a dedicated, loyal, and reliable colleague for the countless Sandians he has worked with.  He recently celebrated his 35th anniversary at the Labs with his fellow employees.

Dale recalls that when he was first hired, basic custodial services were performed during the evening hours (1-9:30 p.m.) with not as many buildings to clean compared to today. In the early days, he says, custodians were often much more on their own. Dale says he enjoys the people, the camaraderie, and the teaming of today’s custodial service workforce.

Custodial Services’ modern and award-winning team cleaning approach is a far more technical and professional process today than it was when Dale came on board, with carefully engineered methods incorporated into the daily cleaning routine.

Although he has marked his 35th year at the Labs, Dale says he has no intention of retiring anytime soon, adding that he hopes to remain part of the Sandia family for many more years to come.

Colleagues offered warm congratulations to Dale at his anniversary celebration, knowing  he has cemented his place in the annals of Sandia by being the longest continuously serving custodian in Labs history.