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American Physical Society elects four Sandia researchers as Fellows

Four Sandia National Laboratories researchers have been named fellows of the American Physical Society for outstanding contributions in physics. The awardees, and the APS sub-groups that nominated them, are:

  • François Léonard: for fundamental studies of the physics of nanoscale electronic devices, by the Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics.
  • Andrew Landahl: for outstanding leadership and conscientious service to the quantum information community and pioneering contributions to quantum computing theory, including fault-tolerant quantum computing, quantum error correction, universal adiabatic quantum computing, and novel quantum search algorithms, by the Topical Group on Quantum Information.
  • Hongyou Fan: for pioneering contributions to the development of novel synthesis methods and self-assembly processes to fabricate nanostructured materials for nanoelectronic and nanophotonic applications, by the Division of Materials Physics.
  • Igal Brener: for contributions to optical phenomena in semiconductors, including their coupling to metasurfaces for passive, tunable, and nonlinear metamaterials, and coherent terahertz phenomena and instrumentation, by the Division of Laser Science.

Four Fellows

The number of APS fellows elected each year is limited to no more than one-half of 1 percent of the membership. Said NNSA administrator Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz (Ret.), “It takes extraordinary innovation and expertise to successfully carry out the missions of the nuclear security enterprise. Recognition of… NNSA researchers as APS fellows affirms that our labs are important and attractive places for top science talent. We commend these individuals on their pioneering research and making the world a safer place.”

In the decentralized system favored by APS, fellowship certificates are generally presented at the annual meeting of the unit through which the inductee was elected.