Students and Postdocs

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Postdoctoral Positions

Connect with leaders in your field, and advance your career.

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Interested in a career at Sandia?

Are you looking for research experience with top scientists/engineers? Would you like an employer-paid graduate degree? Sandia welcomes student interns, co-ops, and postdoctoral fellows. We provide world-class mentoring and opportunities to research issues of global significance. Sandia is the perfect place to jump-start your career.

The Sandia intern experience — meaningful work and enjoyable play

Interns work on real-world, challenging projects; they also socialize, travel, and explore life in New Mexico and California.

California fun!

Discover the beauty and fun things to do in California… sun, surf, sights, and more!

Real research

See how the R&D environment works firsthand…tailored projects with key applications.

Service to our nation

Grasp the far-reaching effects of the contributions interns make toward our national security.

Campus recruiting

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We recruit at the some of the best colleges and universities, looking for talented individuals to join our diverse workforce.