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UQ Toolkit

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Bert Debusschere
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To cite UQTk, please use the following publications:

Debusschere, et al., "Numerical Challenges in the Use of Polynomial Chaos Representations for Stochastic Processes" SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 26(2), pp. 698-719 (2005)

Debusschere, et al., "The Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit (UQTk)" Handbook of Uncertainty Quantification, Springer, 2016

UQ Toolkit


The UQ Toolkit (UQTk) is a collection of libraries and tools for the quantification of uncertainty in numerical model predictions. Version 3.0.4 offers intrusive and non-intrusive methods for propagating input uncertainties through computational models, tools for sensitivity analysis, methods for sparse surrogate construction, and Bayesian inference tools for inferring parameters from experimental data.


The UQ toolkit is the result of contributions by many people, including but not limited to:


The UQ Toolkit is released as a C++/Python open source library under the GNU Lesser General Public License and can be downloaded here.

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The following e-mail lists are available for UQTk users:

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