RITS Accelerator

The Radiographic Integrated Test Stand (RITS) accelerator was designed to demonstrate voltage enhancement technology for advanced water influenced radiography.  It is an intense electron beam test center bed used to develop and demonstrate pulsed-power technologies.

Modern radiography accelerators like RITS, use inductive voltage adder (IVA) technology.  RITS was upgraded from a three IVA cavity system (RITS-3) to a six cavity system (RITS-6) that provides a reliable test-bed for power flow research and radiographic diode development.

The expanded RITS-6 accelerator is a radiation generating device that can produce an electron beam in excess of 10 megavolts, producing an intense burst of x-rays for radiographic imaging of dense objects.  This expansion doubled the output voltage capabilities from the original 5.5 megavolts that were achieved by the RITS-3.