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Quantum Information Edge

The Quantum Information Edge, a nationwide alliance of national laboratories and universities, has launched to maintain U.S. leadership in next-generation information technology and advance the frontiers of quantum computing systems, which have the potential to make calculations that are far beyond the reach of today’s computers.

Does strategy matter?

Over the past three years, Sandia developed a strategic direction made up of seven priorities to guide the Labs for the next 20 years. Each priority has a team behind it, working to implement the strategy. The teams have brought these priorities to life and achieved significant accomplishments in each of the seven areas.

A material benefit to society

Sandia senior scientist Tina Nenoff, a perennial inventor of advanced materials, has been elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Tina was bestowed the honor by her peers “for outstanding accomplishments in nanoporous materials and technology through research and group effort leadership, particularly in ion and gas separations for energy and environmental applications.”

Four Sandia scientists elected AIAA associate fellows

Sandia scientists Jacqueline Chen, Tucker Lavin, Humberto Silva III and Justin Smith have been elected associate fellows of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. To be selected as an associate fellow, an AIAA senior member must be in good standing, with at least 12 years’ professional experience, and be recommended by a minimum of three other associate fellows.

Legacy of learning, leading

Marvin Kelley spent 32 years of his career as a materials scientist, business specialist and technologist at Sandia/California. Now his daughter, Krystal Kelley, is building her own legacy at the Livermore campus.

Dr. King’s vision still inspires hope

UNM law professor Sonia Gipson Rankin was invited to speak at Sandia’s MLK 2020 Celebration and Day of Reflection at the Steve Schiff Auditorium on Jan. 20. Rankin, a researcher and recognized expert on laws and their impacts on America’s black communities, gave her presentation, “Arcing Toward Justice: Dr. King’s 2020 vision,” at the event.