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National Senior Games attracts Sandia athletes

Sandians from all over the Labs participated in this year’s National Senior Games in Albuquerque in June. With participants ranging from 50 to 103 years old, this year’s games offered Sandians and their families a chance to test their athletic abilities against some of the best senior athletes in the country.

Sandia welcomes new class of interns

Sandia recently held welcome receptions for the Labs’ summer and year-round interns at both the Albuquerque and Livermore campuses. Interns attended the events to meet other interns and participate in fun activities while learning more about working at Sandia.

Praising Sandia’s culture of innovation

Sandia hosted its annual Innovation Celebrations in Livermore and Albuquerque May 16 to recognize the Labs' innovators. The celebration honored individuals who received patents, copyrights or licensed royalties, or created other intellectual property in 2018.

Man on the moon

On July 20, 1969, nearly 650 million people watched as Neil Armstrong took “ small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” when the Apollo 11 mission landed the first man on the moon. This year marks the 50th anniversary of that mission, and Sandia was part of the team.

Dragonflies: A lesson in missile defense

Dragonflies catch 95% of their prey, crowning them one of the top predators in the world. Now, Sandia researchers are discovering how dragonfly brains might be wired to be extremely efficient at calculating complex trajectories. Their discoveries could lead to improvements in missile defense systems.