A GeoTess model is comprised of 2D triangular tessellations of a unit sphere with 1D radial arrays of nodes associated with each vertex of the 2D tessellations. Variable spatial resolution in both geographic and radial dimensions is supported. Users have considerable flexibility in how to define the data stored on the grid.

The GeoTess library is provided in Java and C++, with a C interface to the C++ library. The most recent release has been tested on Linux, with Mac and Windows versions coming soon. Source code and pre-compiled binaries are provided.

Version 2.6.1 Software Downloads


GeoTessJava                  GeoTessBuilder

C++ / C


Makefiles are included so that any downloaded package can be recompiled for another platform. See the documentation for more information.


Instructions on how to install and configure the libraries and example applications.

Change Log

History of changes that have been made to GeoTess.

Online Documentation

User's Manual - A PDF file describing the software

Detailed interface documentation - Java     C++     C

Example Applications

The following links display html representations of source code for several example applications that use the GeoTess library to accomplish common tasks. The software downloads described above include the source code and compiled binaries for these sample applications.

Other Versions of the Software

Beta and previous versions of the software can be found geotess/old-versions here.


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