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Applied Biosafety Research

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Global Chemical and Biological Security

Page • About GCBS GCBS uses systems-based approaches to develop and implement innovative solutions for global chemical and biological risk response. Our diverse team of microbiologists, epidemiologists, virologists, veterinarians, biosafety officers, and chemists work around the world to reduce the risks posed by chemical...

Infectious Substance Transportation and Shipping Practices

Page • Sandia National Laboratories is working with the University of Maidiguri to develop low cost, locally made, sustainable, safe and secure packaging for the transport of infectious substances in Nigeria. These packages will be able to be constructed from materials that...

Laboratory Survey Questionnaire

Page • Thank you for your participation in this survey. The purpose of the survey is to improve knowledge of the type of biohazardous materials, pathogens, and work conducted across biomedical facilities in the country. It is also intended to help better...

Prototype Assembly & Feedback

Page • SAND2022-10278 W Thank you for volunteering to help Sandia National Laboratories and the University of Madiguri with our Infectious Substance Shipping & Transport Packaging Design Project. As part of our team, we would like you to assemble our package prototype...

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional One Health Community of Practice

Page • To prepare for the upcoming Community of Practice series, please fill out the following survey in your preferred language and submit by XXXXXX.  Thank you!

Yemen One Health BRM Community of Practice

Page • إستبيان: مجتمع الممارسات للصحة الواحدة لأدارة المخاطر البيولوجية في اليمن Instructions: المقدمة For questions where only one response is allowed, you will see a set of radio buttons that look like this: O. You will only be able to fill...