Short Course

Sparta: A Parallel, Flexible, Open-Source DSMC code.

S. J. Plimpton, S.G. Moore, M.A. Gallis

The DSMC sort course will provide an overview of the open source DSMC code Sparta. Sparta a general-purpose, open-source DSMC code developed by Sandia National Laboratories will be presented. Sparta runs efficiently on parallel computers due to dynamic load-balancing but also runs efficiently o single-processor machines. Sparta can treat a few to trillions of particles and is designed to be easily modified and extended. Sparta uses Cartesian hierarchical grids with multiple levels of local refinement into which triangulated (3D) or line segmented (2d and 2D axisymmetric) surfaces are embedded. With adaptation of grid cells on the fly or between runs. Sparta uses the VSS, VHS and HS collision models a variety of boundary conditions. The basic capabilities of Sparta will be described and illustrated with relevant examples. More advanced features, including the latest development work, will also be highlighted. Information on how to extend the code with new capabilities will also be presented.