Program Agenda

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Session 1: Short Course

Chair: M. A. Gallis

1:00-5:00Sparta: A Parallel, Flexible, Open-Source DSMC Code S. J. Plimpton, S.G. Moore, M.A. Gallis
5:30-8:30 7:30Welcome Reception Social gathering for RGD NextGen

Monday, September 25, 2023

Session 2: Keynote Lecture

Chair: M. A. Gallis, A. L. Garcia

8:00-8:20Welcome J. S. Lash
8:20-9:20Graeme A. Bird Keynote Lecture:
QuiPS: How a Discrete Velocity Technique Morphed into Monte Carlo Simulation P. Varghese

Monday, September 25, 2023

Session 3: Non-Continuum Flows I

Chair: T. E. Schwartzentruber  

9:40-10:00Predictive Analysis of Atmosphere-Breathing Electric Propulsion                                    using SPARTA Framework G. Moon, E. Jun
10:00-10:20Quantum Mechanically Derived Monte-Carlo Simulations of Hypervelocity Experiments M. Grover, P. Valentini, N. Bisek
10:20-10:40Simulation of Rarefied Hypersonic Gas Flow: Comparison of RNS and DSMC Methods A. Fedoseyev, J. Ouazzani
10:40-11:00Comparison between DSMC and CFD for Hypersonic Planetary Entry Simulations A. Borner, D. Prabhu
11:00-11:20A Robust Numerical Scheme for Fluctuating Hydrodynamics of Multispecies Gas Mixtures I. Srivastava, D. Ladiges, A. Nonaka, A. Garcia, J. Bell
11:20-11:40Exploitation of the DSMC Method in Modelling the Particle Exhaust of Nuclear Fusion Devices S. Varoutis, C. Tantos, C. Day, C. Dhard, D. Naujoks

Monday, September 25, 2023

Session 4: Non-Continuum Flows II

Chair: E. Jun

1:00-1:20DSMC Simulations of The Shuttle Plume Impingement Flight EXperiment (SPIFEX) B. Stewart, P. Clarke, and F. Lumpkin III
1:20-1:40Design and Simulation of a High-altitude Waverider . A. Klothakis, I. Nikolos
1:40 -2:00DSMC Simulation of Impinging Thruster Plumes for Space Debris Detumbling A. Tiwari, S. Nair, D. Goldstein
2:00-2:20An In-depth Numerical Analysis of Mixture Gas Flows in Channels of Arbitrary Lengths and Various Pressure Drops Via Linear and Non-linear Kinetic Theory C. Tantos, T. Teichmann, I. Sarris, C. Day
2:20-2:40Dynamic Population Balance in SPARTA Using Stochastic Weighted Particle Methods A. Hong, M. Gallis

Monday, September 25, 2023

Session 5: Hybrids

Chair: S.G.Krishnan

3:00-3:20Hybridization of Staggered Compressible FHD and DSMC D. Ladiges, I. Srivastava, A. Garcia, J. Bell
3:20-3:40hybridDCFoam: A Coupled DSMC/NSF Solver for Steady-State Gas Flows in OpenFOAM N. Vasileiadis, C. White
3:40-4:00Hybrid CFD-DSMC Methodology for Optimizing Aerosol Injection Systems Used for Single-Particle Diffractive Imaging S. Peravali, A. Samanta, M. Breuer, P. Neumann, M. Amin, J. K├╝pper
4:00-4:20Verification of an Open-Source Discontinuous Galerkin Fast Spectral (DGFS) Solver for the Full Boltzmann Equation using DSMC N. Adhikari, B. Morton, E. Vorozhbit, J. Hu, A. Alexeenko
4:20-4:40Particle-Based Simulation of Polyatomic Gas Mixture Flows with the Ellipsoidal Statistical Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook Method F. Hild, M. Pfeiffer
4:40-5:00Investigation of DSMC-inspired collisions for particle-laden flows M. Kroells, T. Schwartzentruber
5:00-6:00SPARTA Users Meeting S. Plimpton

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Session 6: Algorithms

Chair: B. M. Stewart

8:00-8:40Invited: How We Can Make DSMC More Computationally Scalable, While Preserving Its Accuracy M. Borg
8:40-9:00A Fokker-Planck-Based Kinetic Model for Diatomic Rarefied Gas Flows S. Kim and E. Jun
9:00-9:20Roulette Merge with Variable Weights W. McDoniel, C. Moore
9:20-9:40Adaptive Discretization of Particles for Multiscale Non-Equilibrium Flows S. Lauterbach, S. Fasoulas, M. Pfeiffer
9:40-10:00SPARTA Kokkos: Towards Exascale S. Moore

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Session 7: Gas-Surface Interactions I

Chair: A. Borner  

10:20-10:40Simulation of Etch Pit Formation in DSMC through Active Sites in Carbon Fiber Micro-structures K. Gopalan, S. Schmitt, A. Borner
10:40-11:00DSMC Simulations to Predict Permeability and Oxidation of Thermal Protection Systems Materials V. Ramu, S. Poovathingal
11:00-11:20Boundary Layer Flow over Resolved Microstructure at Mars Sample Return Flight Conditions I. Ramjatan, M. Kroells, and T. Schwartzentruber
11:20-11:40Fluid-Structure Interactions of Hypersonic Flow and Atmospheric Ice E. Huff, H. Chen, S. Poovathingal

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Session 9: Chemistry

Chair: S. Poovathingal

1:00-1:20Direct Molecular Simulation of Chemically Reacting 5-species Air Mixture across a Normal Shock E. Torres, T. Gross, T. Schwartzentruber
1:20-1:40Adding Direct Molecular Simulation (DMS) Capabilities to The DSMC SPARTA Code: Overview of Recent Progress and Future Directions P. Valentini, M. Grover, N. Bisek
1:40-2:00Electronic Excitation in DSMC Code SPARTA Z. Eckert, M. Gallis
2:00-2:20Modeling of Chemical Reactions in Rarefied Gas Flows by the Kinetic Fokker-Planck Method L. Basov, G. Oblapenko, M. Grabe
2:20-2:40Stochastic simulations of reacting flows under non-equilibrium conditions in the continuum regime S. Trivedi, J. Harvey, J. Salinas, J. Chen

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Session 10: Planetary Flows

Chair: J. Rabinovitch

3:00-3:20Fitting High-resolution DSMC Simulations of Water Vapor Cryovolcanic Plumes to Spacecraft Observations in a Timely Manner: How to Proceed? A. Mahieux, D. Goldstein, P. Varghese, L. Trafton
3:20-3:40DSMC Applications in JPL Spacecraft Propulsion and Materials Engineering W. Hoey, C. Soares, J. Anderson, A. Conte
3:40-4:00DSMC for Unsteady, Multi-Physics Problems in Planetary Science P. Prem
4:00-4:20Simulating the Subsurface Conduits of Enceladus M. Zaharias, A. Mahieux, D. Goldstein, P. Varghese, L. Trafton
4:20-4:40DSMC Modeling of Tvashtar Eruption: Effects of Radiation Confinement on Plume Structure A. O. Adeloye, D. Goldstein, L. Trafton, P. Varghese, A. Mahieux
4:40-5:00Modeling of Plume-Solid Interaction and Estimation of Plume Impingement Forces J. Meza-Galvan, A.M. Karis, E. Vorozhbit, P. Kazarin, S. Pugia, K. F. Gasaway, A. Cofer, A. Alexeenko
5:00-6:00RGD NextGen Connect Meeting
6:30-9:00Conference Banquet

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Session 11: Plasmas and Instabilities

Chair: D. Goldstein

8:00-8:40Invited: A Tale of Two non-Maxwellians D. Levin
8:40-9:00A Computational Model Combining The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method with a Collision Radiation Plasma Model for Simulations of Laser-induced Non-equilibrium Plasma Plumes A. Volkov, M. Stokes, O. Ranjbar, Z. Lin, S. Khairallah A. Rubenchik
9:00-9:20Effect of Plasma Shielding in Plumes Induced by Irradiation of Metal Targets with Bursts of Laser Pulses: Simulations Based on a DSMC Method Modified for Plasma Flows M. Stokes, A. Volkov, S. Khairallah, A. Rubenchik, Z. Lin
9:20-9:40Modelling Gap Closure Within Pulsed Power Machines G. Kirk, G. Oblapenko, D. Goldstein, P. Varghese, D. Sirajuddin, C. Moore
9:40-10:00Molecular-level Simulations of Vortex Shedding Onset Behind a Circular Cylinder R. McMullen, M.A. Gallis
10:00-10:20Shockwave Laminar Boundary Layer Interactions for a Flow over Compression Ramp I. Karpuzcu, D. Levin, V. Theofilis

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Session 12: Gas-Surface Interactions II

Chair: A. Volkov

10:40-11:00DSMC simulations of Turbulent Flow over a Permeable Substrate M. A. Gallis, R. M. McMullen, M. Krygier, J. R. Torczynski
11:00-11:20Modeling Low-Density Parachute Broadcloth Permeability for Mars Supersonic Inflations S. Ghasimi, L. Chacon-Olivar, S. Poovathingal, J. Rabinovitch
11:20-11:40DSMC Simulations of Taylor-Couette Flow T. Koehler, J. Torczynski, M. Gallis