Research & Collaboration

Partnerships among the national laboratories, industry, and academia leverage a broad spectrum of talent and multiply the effectiveness of our research efforts. These collaborations help solve the challenges of developing computing platforms and simulation tools across a number of disciplines.

Computer Science Research Institute

The Computer Science Research Institute brings university faculty and students to Sandia for focused collaborative research on DOE computer and computational science problems. Organized under the DOE Stockpile Computing Program, participants conduct leading-edge research, interact with scientists and engineers at the Laboratories, and help transfer the results of their research to programs at the Labs.

Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program

Organized by NNSA, the primary goal of the Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP) is to establish “Predictive Science” as a major academic and applied research program at selected universities. PSAAP encourages collaboration between the national laboratories and universities in the advancement of multi-disciplinary predictive modeling and simulation technologies, and educating and recruiting individuals with skills critical to the Advanced Simulation and Computing program.