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Issue September 21, 2023

Labs researchers capture six R&D 100 Awards

Labs researchers capture six R&D 100 Awards

Honorees include a seizure-predicting device, software that optimizes network microgrids, tech that streamlines additive manufacturing and others.

Sandia chases two big new goals

In response to evolving needs, Labs leaders encourage staff to accelerate innovation and lead in modern engineering.

Celebrating 25 years of economic development

The Sandia Science and Technology Park has boosted the local economy and cultivated collaboration since 1998.

Computer model of atmosphere finalist for prestigious new prize

A record-setting feat on the world’s first exascale supercomputer contends for a Gordon Bell award.

From Sesame Street to Sandia: A first-generation journey to college graduation

For Hispanic Heritage Month, a Labs risk and compliance analyst shares a personal story of fortitude.

Invention at forefront of hydrogen sea change

Sandia’s long history of studying alternative fuel systems leads to a new safety feature for seagoing vessels.

Magnetic beads key to better handheld lab

A new platform that provides higher-fidelity test results for biofluids is ready for commercialization.

Cyber Defenders: Interns take on national security challenges

Program provides college students with mentorship and meaningful, hands-on training with a mission focus.

Making waves at Meet a Scientist Day

Sandia’s Water Power team introduces local children to marine energy.