Now you are ready to report to Sandia. You will spend your first day in orientation which is required prior to starting work. The receipt of reporting instructions sent to you by Student Intern Programs is required prior to attending orientation which verifies that you have satisfied all contingencies stated in your offer letter.

Please be aware that if you are unable to provide original documentation providing evidence of your employment eligibility and U.S. citizenship within three days of signing in, your employment with Sandia may be subject to termination.

1. Bring the required items for badging and orientation.

See Step 3: Prepare to Start for a list of documents to bring.

2. Obtain your Sandia badge and turn in new hire forms.

Report to the Sandia Badge Office in the Innovation Parkway Office Center (PDF, 82 kB) by the time indicated on your official reporting instructions where you will turn in your completed new hire forms and obtain your Sandia badge. The Badge Office is located on the first floor of IPOC in Suite A-1. 

3. Attend new employee orientation.

Once you have turned in your new hire forms and received your Sandia badge, you will attend orientation. For details and location, please reference your reporting instructions email. Maps and directions are provided for you under "First-day resources." During orientation, you will learn more about Sandia, our general operations, and available resources.

Please note that lunch will not be provided so you may bring your own food or purchase lunch nearby after new employee orientation. It is strongly recommended that you bring bottled water and snack items if needed.

4. Obtain your DBIDS base access pass after new employee orientation.

After NEO has concluded, return to IPOC to retrieve your DBIDS base access pass at the DBIDS Office located on the 2nd Floor in Room 2161. Access to the IPOC building requires your Sandia badge for entry.  Please note that access to Kirtland Air Force Base will require that your DBIDS be activated on your sign-in date and the DBIDS Office closes at 3:00 PM.

Sandia is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and providing reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. If you need special assistance or an accommodation, please send an email with your request to the Job Accommodation Specialist at or Determinations on requests for reasonable accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis.