Effect of Nuclear Data Uncertainty on Radiation Damage Metrics

Effect of Nuclear Data Uncertainty on Radiation Damage Metrics It is critical that we understand the uncertainty in our nuclear data and how this uncertainty influences our applications. Sandia has done extensive work to understand the uncertainty contributors. Recent work has focused on the uncertainty in the silicon damage metrics used by the semiconductor community. In these studies, we examined neutron damage metrics such as displacement damage, ionizing dose, and LET distributions from recoil atoms that are a metric for single event effects. For these damage metrics we examined and quantified uncertainty contributions due to the underlying silicon cross sections, the recoil atom spectrum, silicon interaction potentials, and the recoil ion stopping power. Our investigations of the uncertainty not only look at the magnitude of the neutron energy-dependent uncertainty but also look at the energy-dependent correlations. This is done by presenting a covariance matrix for each of the damage metrics, typically by presenting the energy-dependent standard deviation and the correlation matrix.

Contact: Patrick Griffin